You’ve thought about it a thousand times. You’ve told yourself you’re going to do it…soon. You already have the basic, general concept. You even have some text written for this dream project that fills your heart. Yet the day gets away from you. Before you know it, the sun is setting on today, and rising [...]


Be YOUR Best.

No Need to Get Caught Up in Areas Outside of Your Giftings!

Know what you are good at and what just looks impressive or feeds ego.

Stay in your strengths, and do what you were designed to do.

Never pressure yourself to go [...]


Got Critics?

HARSH Critics? MEAN Critics? Downright UGLY, NASTY, HATEFUL Critics?

It OK!

Don’t be dismayed or discouraged.

You are loved and empowered to do your work, no matter!

IGNORE the Opponents, Unsupporters, and Frienemies, who come in many forms.

Hon, keep your eyes on the prize!




My LOVEolution continues as women across the country learn the Art & Science of Loving Themselves Fist!

Our life-work and calling should complete us, not deplete us, yet women everywhere, from CEOs and musicians, to stay-at-home moms, cosmotologists, and minsters pulverize themselves to poweder in the name of good works!

YES, we will be poured [...]

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