Fear is common to everyone, and most of us automatically see it as an emotion that’s strictly negative. Yet, fear can benefit us! Fear comes with two sides (and no, not French fries or slaw), a negative side and a positive side. The negative side can bring about great discouragement and pretty much render us powerless. The positive side [...]


I sat down with co-hosts Sandy and Randy of Maui’s Pono Radio, for a seriously inspirational talk about hope, and being real, and embracing our TRUE story. I actually got goose bumps a few times during our visit! Have a listen here:

Discover Motivation Internet Radio with Sandy C [...]


Use your inside voice, that is, your INNER voice!

Use your inside voice every day. Use it to stay on purpose, and use it to lift yourself up!

You may think your inner voice is YOU, but in reality that inner voice is God, continually speaking to you and always working on your [...]


Did you know that you were born with a God-given purpose and a God-given destiny?

It’s true.


Your job is to discover it and use it to make an impact and to change and heal lives (starting with your own).

You actually have a “GIFT of BRILLIANCE” right inside you, a gift that you can use [...]

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