Actions speak way louder than words.

Anyone can talk about making improvements, but when you actually take the steps necessary to create a more meaningful and significant life, business, family, or community, you feel empowered, and people take notice!

Strategy is everything no matter what you plan to accomplish.

Without the “doing,” there [...]


Don’t wait to start living and being thankful for even the simplest of joys in your life.

Please don’t wait to notice the small things, to notice others, to reach out, to not let jealousy, or envy, or insecurity, or fear keep you from touching the lives of others. Don’t wait at all to care, [...]


Before we are business men and women, we are people.

Before we are critics, we are individuals with flaws like everyone else.

Before we are someone’s project or the object of attack, we are human beings.

We are all just people, individuals, and human beings.

Before any of us need [...]


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You have it, or you don’t.

You can fake it . . . for a while.

At some point though, a lack of integrity will be found out, evidenced in spite of the excuses.

Does it matter?

Yes, it may actually matter to someone!

It may matter [...]

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