Know your numbers. Know them backwards and forward.

Know your markups and margins; know your gross profits and net profits; know your expenses.

Know how much you have to sell each day to break even–to stay open.

Know at what point in sales you begin to make a profit.

Know your sales requirements [...]


In January I am a speaker in a summit about turning your pain into purpose.

This is a topic I know a lot about.

I have lived through a lot of pain, as many of us have.

Pain can make you bitter or it can make you better; we know that–we [...]


I know a lot of mom bloggers and moms with online work oftern feel overwhelmed.

You know I am a huge advocate for simplifying with power (or simplifying to BE empowered)!

Well my beautiful friends, I have a treat for you! It’s a virtual event, and this one I can get [...]


Here is a best-selling book that touches people RIGHT where they live, and infuses them with exponential power that can change their lives for the better.

Released by Splendor Publishing…Author Timothy Grant Carter’s Positive x Positive = Unlimited was chosen by Amazon Editors’ for BEST BOOKS of 2014 in its FIRST WEEK of being [...]

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