Here is a question that comes up often with people I mentor, through Women of Splendor, as well as through colleagues and friends

Should we do what pays the bills in exchange for what we are “called” to “do”?

I am thrilled to announce to you that it does not have to be either [...]


I’ve said for a long time that Giving is the New Getting, and actually, it’s always been that way! Giving has always been better than getting!

The more I share this message, the more I see people wake up to what it really means, and that is quite thrilling!

You see, when we really understand [...]


We can’t be all business all of the time! Sometimes we have to indulge in other topics and other interests. Most successful business people know this. That’s what lifestyle design is all about. So here’s a bit of fun around the topic of color.

Color in our lives serves many purposes, from adding [...]



When I owned my Interior Decorating firm years ago, I quickly saw that the easiest way to increas sales was to increase my average ticket. After all, the client who chose to work with me, was right in from of me ready for additional products to improve their life! So I [...]

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