My (Italian) sister-in-law TESS posted a link today on Facebook about 7 reasons why growing up Italian is the best. It sparked a lot of memories in me from my own childhood.

Once an Italian, always an Italian. When you grow up in an Italian home, you travel all the way to adulthood with lots of rich [...]


Purposeful Lifestyle Design often means . . .


-Choosing the BEST from among what you have.

-Having more of what you love while also having less to manage.

My closet had a lot in it. Too much. I did not use eveything in there. I did not know it was all even in there [...]


You’ve heard of passion fruit . . . how about FASHION fruit?

Hearts and sweet things are not just for Valentines Day. Doing special things that take just seconds to implement make everyday life a lot more perky!

Here’s a simple lifestyle design idea you can do on any day, [...]



Every Valentine’s Day for many years, I consider holding a conference. This year, I did something towards that direction. I started a LOVEolution!


Instead of a conference, I decided to invite six ladies to join me in my home for a three hour LOVING YOURSELF FIRST seminar.



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