“Nothing that I can do will change the structure of the universe. But maybe, by raising my voice, I can help the greatest of all causes—goodwill among men and peace on earth.” ~Albert Einstein

You are the one, the only, the amazing, the spectacular……….YOU!

Why is that? It’s because there is only one of you in the ENTIRE world, that’s why!

Oh sure, there are other human beings out there running to and fro—beings with a head—just like you have, and feet, just like you have (or like most of us have). There are people with hair and nails and skin (some tougher than others), but there is honestly ONLY ONE  YOU out there in the whole world.

If you give that some serious thought, and I mean it, you will discover that it is AMAZING that there is only ONE just like you on this planet of around 6 or 7 billion people.

That means you are here for a reason, and you are different (o.k., quirky) for a darn good reason. So why not use your different-ness to share your one-of a kind voice with the world-—YOUR world—-a world that includes your prospects, customers, friends, strangers, and loved ones. More on your VOICE in a bit.

I have always had a different approach to my–businesses in terms of my competition–than most people I knew. I have run a number of different businesses over the past 20 years (several at the same time, some still going), including a restaurant and gift shop, a custom baby bedding store/baby gift shop, a retail and wholesale drapery workroom, a custom home fashions design studio, a digital products creation/publishing & information marketing firm, and a coaching/consulting business (which I did all along the way, andf still do  in my almost 50 years on the earth).

My take on competition has always been, “so what”!

I know many business “pros” would say that’s foolish, but, “so what”!

Of course I had a general glimpse of what my competitors were doing and offering, and an idea of their pricing, but one thing I never did was get weird about competition. I did however, have PLENTY of competitors get weird about me, but I just never felt I had to know what they were doing in detail, or obsess over them in any form or fashion, in order to know what MY unique offerings were. After all, I was not patterning my business after anyone (and still don’t).

I always chose NOT to expend my marvelous energy worrying about competitors who did not have my amazing brain (and by the way, I promise that YOU have an amazing brain, too, although it is different from mine and different from that of your family and friends, and that is what makes us all so special).

Getting back to what I was saying, in terms of my competition, I almost ignored them. I created my own way, my own rules, and my own offerings, and I have to say I had a blast doing it with the fire and vinegar of a rebel!

Sometimes it really helped me SO MUCH to NOT know what my competitors were doing, because then I was FREE to create my path without influence or temptation to do it the “right” way or the “normal” way. Instead, I was the creator of my own business. I considered—-in my own unique way—-what I would have liked if I were my own customer. I always thought from the point of view of the customer—and what they may have wanted or would want IF it were available to them.

I thought about how I could really help them, make their lives and businesses easier, make them happy, and how I could amaze them, too.

Now, nothing against competition—I think competition is a good thing because together we all inform and remind the “market” that a product or service has value, but THE REAL value in doing business is always what the customer thinks the product or service can and should do for them (never what the competition thinks it can). If you follow YOUR gut, and think like a customer, you will find what that is. Then, with your wonderful, sensational one-of-a-kind voice, you can communicate it to them with meaning and conviction.

What I want to encourage you to do this week, and in the weeks, months, and years to come, is to embrace your one-of-a-kind-ness, your brilliant creativity (even if you don’t think you have it, because you DO), and your FABULOUS one-of-a-kind VOICE. By “voice” I don’t just mean the manner and tone in which you speak, but rather the substance and conviction of what you have to say—-what YOU believe is good for the customer— and the way you say it to them.

Invent your own standards, pave your own way. Be a leader to the exceptional men and women that want your products and services. Get them talking about you. Make an impact. Use your clever brain, and do it YOUR way. Then, speak it proudly through your one-of-a-kind voice that others are desperately waiting to hear.



“SO WHAT” about Your Competition. It’s YOUR Business, so Give it YOUR Voice.
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