“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”   ~Peter F. Drucker

That new dog is your new, revised Marketing Plan.  In today’s world, you must redesign your marketing strategies so that they will really work to catapult you into success. Today, it is crucial to have the RIGHT Message, geared toward the RIGHT people (target, prospects), through the RIGHT channels, and in the RIGHT order (sequences). THEN, you will be effective with marketing that actually causes prospects and customers to gravitate right to you.

You can create marketing that communicates to prospects you can be trusted and that you have exactly what they need in just the way they need it. In essence, you SPEAK right to them and they HEAR it!

First, you must know very clearly who you want to do business with and you must know what they struggle with. What are their problems? What do they face that causes them stress, uncertainty, unhappiness, or even frustration? What would really excite them or make them breathe a sigh of relief?

You also must TEACH your prospects to take action. Your marketing cannot simply be “pie-in-the-sky”, “top of mind branding”. You need marketing that gets results NOW, and having systems in place to ensure that they take certain actions in a certain order helps them to gain more and more trust in you, and leads them to purchase because THEY decide they want to work with you—sometimes ONLY you.

Once you have a customer, you should also be amazing and remarkable. You do this by going the extra mile and caring FOR REAL, by creating meaningful relationships, by giving things that were not asked for, and by standing behind everything you say, do, and sell. Find ways to tickle your customers pink (which will ultimately tickle your wallet green), and you do all of this because it is the right thing to do. The money follows.

Also know that your customers and prospects are very connected today to friends and colleagues, both online and off. It is just the new culture and landscape.  You can actually leverage this connectedness, by using part of your marketing time (no, NOT all of it) creating friends and “community spokespersons” that are thrilled with what you offer and excited to tell others through face-to-face opportunities, and through “virtual word of mouth outlets”.  So set up easy systems for doing these activities and for putting the RIGHT social media messages out there that will work double duty to drive people back to you.

Make your business amazing with the RIGHT marketing so that you become a magnet. Build your plan to be the company people remark to each other about. Help them to trust you, take good care of them when they come your way, and give them something to shout about and share with others.

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