Here it is, my heartfelt message to you about getting rich… the money kind of rich I promised I’d address this week! To be money rich, you will either buy what you want and what you want to experience straight out, or use unconventional resources and unorthodox means to have them.

Cash Aint King, but it Pays the Bills & Buys More Freedom!

Let’s face it, today, simply making ends meet in your business and personal life takes piles of money, and if you want to live beyond mediocrity and the mundane, significantly help others, contribute to those in need, do fun and adventurous things, and take chunks of time off work to experience an exciting and meaningful lifestyle, you need additional resources beyond the basics. Of course you also need to manage expenses and repair money leaks, and look for additional revenue streams when and where appropriate, but the bottom line is, you must get to work on your business so you have increased freedom and more choices!

Lifestyle Design

As a Business & Lifestyle Designer, it’s my job to show you how to live your best life, and that takes some currency. How much and what kind of currency is another issue.  At the minimum, you need enough cash (and savings) to fund the lifestyle you have deemed as important, or as a substitute for money, you need an alternative currency and unconventional resources to live a RICH life, using creativity at times instead of cash! Either way, you need to get busy and get creative!

So, are you READY?  Are you REALLY ready to make the LEAP to GAIN FINANCIAL WEALTH & FREEDOM, to DESIGN the vision of the purposeful lifestyle you want, and then devise the plan to actually create it?

This takes COURAGE, I’m warning you, because it means leaving the safety net of the common, the ordinary, and the wide path, and taking charge of what you want and expect to experience from this ONE LIFE you get to live!

Getting Rich Starts HERE

YOUR getting RICH starts with your committed decision to once and for all drop a very dangerously deceptive mindset: the mentality that promises success without working a plan or without putting forth a consistent effort or investing a reasonable amount of foundational-growth-time in your business. Once you invest the time and effort to set up the business infrastructure that will make ongoing wealth sustainable, you can kick back more often and lean on your systems. These systems give you FREEDOM as a business owner to live the life you’ve designed!

Your Heritage!

You were not born to struggle or to just slither by financially, and you sure weren’t born to lie awake at night with worry over money. You are an entrepreneur because of something in your DNA! You value freedom and being in control of your own life. You also have a one-of-a-kind calling that ONLY YOU can do, whether you recognize it or not. On top of all that, you have amazing gifts, given to you for the benefit of others, that you are destined to share with your world. THAT is your heritage!

How it’s Done!

Making money and creating freedom for yourself in your business is not hard, but it takes an effective plan, a commitment, and consistency, especially in the early years. Most small business owners make the commitment but lack these:

• An effective plan
• The follow-through to build the systems that lead to freedom
• The consistency required to solidify them

They get ideas and take action with no cohesive plan. They do some activity and make a little money today, then rest, being partly in, partly out for a few days, weeks, or even months afterwards, and consequently wonder why business and brilliant lifestyle design is a struggle.

You CAN Make More Money & Open Up More Resources…
Let’s Start Here:

#1 DECIDE you want to and WILL make more money in your business and open up new resources for your lifestyle!

#2 DECIDE you deserve to make more money and to experience an amazing life!

#3 DECIDE you can and WILL make more money and open up new resources because you have what it takes!

#4 DECIDE to commit to the time investment required to make more money and discover new resources, and to using an effective money-generating FORMULA!

#5 DECIDE to commit to gaining more and better customers through good marketing and selling!


This is my famous TIME INVESTMENT FORMULA!  It lays out exactly how to spend your time in your business to establish the infrastructure and the systems, so you can soon create the money and eventually the kind of freedom you want and deserve, to live the lifestyle you desire. No sense working all the time or working just to make ends meet. This formula will help you build a business that affords you money AND freedom!

Build it to SERVE YOU LATER!

The idea here is that to build a business that generates money and freedom, you have to invest time and effort at the front end. Maybe that means 40 weekly hours at first, then 35, then 30, then 25 and eventually 20. At the start you may work 50 weeks per year then 40, then 30, then 20! This is LIFESTYLE DESIGN!

So let’s say you start the process working 40 hours a week, with 2 weeks off per year. That makes 40 hours weekly. We’ll use this as our example, and you can adjust as you work less and less hours per week (keeping the percentages constant).

Your Time Investment Breakdown:

•50% of your work time (20 hours based on this example) each week is on marketing, selling, and bring money directly into the business, and includes things like teaching seminars, hosting promo events and trunk shows, making phone calls, teaching teleseminars, sending mailings, moderating a mastermind group, and doing group coaching or private consultations, etc. As you gain skill, you delegate—outsourcing or training others to take over many of the tasks associated with this marketing and selling (such as setting up your classes, sending invites, direct mail campaigns, creating sales pages, etc.) leaving for you only the tasks where you need to personally show up.

•25% of your work time (10 hours based on this example) each week is invested in making your products and services, adding to them, redesigning them, or making them more amazing. This is where I would put CREATING CONTENT for a seminar and putting together a JV event that YOU HOST, since doing so creates products. If your business does not have a need for regular fresh products, then divide this 25% allotted time with marketing (above) and education (below) as is fitting for you. Again, as you gain skill, you delegate—outsourcing or training others to take over many of these associated tasks.

•15% of your work time (6 hours based on this example) each week is for administration and management. DELEGATE the rest. Really, delegate as much of this category as you can AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! This is often where you first start to delegate!

•10% of your work time (4 hours based on this example) each week is for your own business development and training for your team! So with a 40 hour week, you’d take about 48 minutes each day to improve yourself, to build on your strengths, and to learn better marketing and selling techniques through reading, studying, attending seminars, etc, or you can accumulate some of this time and attend several conferences and trade shows each year.  You can also add EXTRA time to this from your OFF WORK hours if you are ever so inclined! An example of delegation here would be to leave someone in charge of your employee training to free up more of your time (so you can take another trip to the Bahamas or go hiking)!


So now you have the formula to get serious and to get rich, including my famous TIME INVESTMENT FORMULA for making money and building freedom through business systems. Start with working 40 hours per week, and work down to your desired number, but keep the percentages of time investment constant.

Don’t waste another minute. Start making more money and creating the business that will enable you to live the lifestyle YOU design!


What are YOUR thoughts or tips on this kind of business and lifestyle design? I really want to know, so please share!

Have a Wild Week of Getting RICH!


17 Responses to Your Money Formula to Get Serious & Get Rich!

  1. Rosie Taylor says:

    A reality check for sure! Living a rich life takes work and I like your perspective about money. It does buy FREEDOM. Reminds me of a favorite Richard Branson quote: “Those who chase the money will never end up having anything of true value.”
    Rosie Taylor recently posted..Turn Local Search into Leads in 5 StepsMy Profile

  2. Great advice, Margo!

    I have just created an “arithmetic” formula, based on your brilliant article:

    Decision + Effective Business Plan + Focused and Consistent Action = Success + Financial Profits!

    In happiness and joy,
    Chantal Beaupre recently posted..10 Tips to Help You Experience the Joy of Feeling CalmMy Profile

  3. Blaze says:

    After reading this, Decide is the new MAGIC word!
    Blaze recently posted..Six Steps to Become Your Own Brilliant HeroMy Profile

  4. I love how the first thing you do is decide. So many people are spending their time, hoping and dreaming. But it is not until you decide that you can move on to make the plan.

    Awesome Advice!
    Lori Lynn Smith recently posted..What does it mean to Heal?My Profile

  5. Wow! I don’t have anything profound to add to the brilliant article you have written here. However, I felt moved to at least leave a comment to let you know that I appreciate the time and effort that went into writing this post.

    I found enormous value in the Time Investment Formula and will be restructuring my schedule to mirror it as closely as possible.

    Thanks again Margo.
    StephanieTreasure recently posted..Be the Inspiration to Attract YOUR Ideal ClientsMy Profile

    • Hi Stephanie!

      I am so glad you stopped by and I hope you will come back again and again. You are super smart for making the commitment to restructure your schedule for this Time Investment Formula. That one act puts you in the top 5% of small business owners!

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!

      Margo DeGange, M.Ed. recently posted..8 Annoying Social Media PracticesMy Profile

  6. I love this process. And I love that you break it down into the time we need to be spending on tasks.

    Studies have shown that you need to spend at least 50% of your time marketing. It’s that important… and I am glad you highlighted it here!
    Shannon Cherry recently posted..Successful webinars made easyMy Profile

    • Yes Shannon, there have been many studies done on what makes a small business money, and investing the bulk of your time in marketing is the #1 indicator of success. Of course you have to be doing the RIGHT marketing activities, but you sure can’t sit on the sidelines.

      You mention AT LEAST 50%. So many entrepreneurs dread hearing that, so I put the first grouping at 50% marketing, and the second grouping at 25% for creating and improving products, which is ACTUALLY MARKETING. When you host a JV event for example, and make a product from it, you are marketing. PRODUCTS are actually one of the 5 P’s of marketing, so in reality, over 75% of a BUSINESS OWNER’S time is spent on marketing. A delicious pill for those who are ready to swallow it! It’s a money maker!

      Thanks Shannon for staying tuned-in to the research!


      Margo DeGange, M.Ed. recently posted..Two Amazingly Useful Lifestyle Design TIPS!My Profile

  7. Margo, wow! Fantastic article. This is certainly a print-off-and-look-again kind of article. I love how you point to DECIDE. I agree wholeheartedly – it’s all about making the decision. Thank you Margo for sharing a wealth of resources with your community.
    Nadine Nicholson recently posted..Now you can get more visibility for free!My Profile

    • True Nadine. Really, any information we want is out there, so why do so many business owners still struggle? It’s because we first must DECIDE, and DECIDE for REAL, which always means take action.

      Thanks for reading and sharing.


      Margo DeGange, M.Ed. recently posted..Practice Safe StressMy Profile

  8. As a total money nerd, I think this is a FABULOUS step by step process on how to be so much better with your money and your life. You go gurrrrrl!
    Agatha K, The Fun Money Nerd recently posted..Top 10 Funny Tax QuotesMy Profile

    • Well if caring for our money is being a nerd then count me in! We sure need more money nerds/money coaches like you Agatha!

      I do think this TIME INVESTMENT FORMULA (time budget) is DIRECTLY tied to making money. It causes us to focus on using our work time to DIRECTLY increase sales. THAT is the main job of the business owners!

      Thanks for reading Agatha!

      Margo DeGange, M.Ed. recently posted..Get Rich Quick!My Profile

  9. Yes, yes, yes….Money is a vehicle that allows us to get the freedom and the lifestyle we desire. It cannot be otherwise. But as with any vehicle a roadmap is needed to get to the destination (lifestyle) and the willingness to stick to the map even if we need to course correct from time to time. Success does not happen out of thin air…LOL It requires serious planning, serious action, and serious period. I’m so glad you shed some light on this subject.

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