Use your inside voice, that is, your INNER voice!

Use your inside voice every day. Use it to stay on purpose, and use it to lift yourself up!

You may think your inner voice is YOU, but in reality that inner voice is God, continually speaking to you inside-voice and always working on your behalf. If indeed God is in you, then that inner voice can totally be trusted!

Listen to it, and then speak back to yourself from the inspiration you gain from what you hear.

You can speak back to yourself (and to God) words of thanksgiving, good or positive expressions, expectations you want to hold on to, a positive intention you set for the day, or you can speak back love instead of tension, criticism, complaints, or stale words.

By doing this you totally support your own success, and you end of helping others too.

Listen, then speak in agreement with what you hear!

When you listen to that inner voice from that amazing SPIRIT within you (who always has your best interests at heart), you are sure to always be on your most definite, most positive, and most authentic path.

Nothing can go “wrong” when you align and agree with your INSIDE VOICE!

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