The little black dress used to be so trendy, now it seems like the little white lie is all the rage.
Today I thought I’d bring up the topic of fibbing, AKA, telling little white lies.
I know that many people feel perfectly fine about telling little white lies. Some are fully comfortable doing it without a thought . . . regularly, in day-to-day life with friends and colleagues as well as in business and in sales.
This is a tough one to discuss because so many good people are seriously at ease with a little fibbing here and there. Yes, we’ve all done it. But when we do so, do we at least feel we shouldn’t have? Is it OK to just lie whenever? It often seems there doesn’t have to be a very good reason (whatever a “good” one may be). We’re so used to being lied to—or lying—that we might just see it as perfectly acceptable and “normal.”
My feeling? I think we should try to be honest and not violate our conscience. The more we violate, the less sensitive we become to honesty. As Christians, we live by a standard given to us by God. We love truth not as a work, but as a form of worship.
Today and over the past few weeks, I’ve dealt with someone (in a business situation online) who seemed to be telling lots of little white lies. The person is a Christian in ministry who cares about her work. Now, maybe I completely misunderstood the situation and communications, but it did seem very much like she was dishonest with me on numerous occasions. Regardless of whether or not she was, it did make me think that our witness is very important and those little white lies we think are innocent can really hurt—people, our witness, and our reputation.
I think others should be able to trust us, and I feel this is something we can all work on. Honestly, don’t you?

Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.  –Ephesians 4:25 (NIV)

The Little White Lie
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