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margo-degangeMargo DeGange is the best Margo DeGange on the planet, and through her real, on-point, and passionate teachings, she will help you to become the best you on the planet, too.

 It’s time to stop wasting valuable resources filling roles and callings that were never meant for you, and begin owning who God said you are, and behaving  & functioning the way he called you to be.

 There’s no better way to live and no better opportunity to impact others than to discover and fulfill your heart’s call starting today. Subscribe to Margo’s practical, inspirational, and actionable teachings and easily live–and love–the life God intended and created purposefully and specifically for you.




Margo DeGange, M.Ed. is an Adult Motivation Expert who knows how to invigorate and inspire audiences to move beyond success, into a life of significance! She is down-to-earth, witty, deeply sincere, and a masterful Christian speaker who can soften the heart of even the most guarded indiividual! Margo motivates us to connect meaningfully with others in our daily interactions, in our relationships, and in our life-work. Audiences respond with excitement and a sense of empowerment to Margo’s fluent ability to move them to positive action in their everyday lives and to embrace the unlikely but brilliant opportunities all around us; this is what Margo calls, “Life by Deign.”

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Margo DeGange, M.Ed. Speaker, Best-Selling Author

Margo DeGange is a Master Degreed Adult Education & Motivation Expert, a Content Marketer & Book Publisher,  and a Business & Lifestyle Designer.


I have shown up for you today to help you:

~ Discover your “Gift of Brilliance” (what you should focus on) for this season of your life

Communciate with purpose, since the power of your words can change EVERYTHING! 

~ Create a strong, attractive core message that is true to you and your most meaningful life-work

~ Publish the right content (based on adult learning principles), using the right marketing channels of delivery

~ Move beyond mere success, into glorious significance

~ Fulfill your calling in practical, actionable ways!


About Margo DeGange, M.Ed.

Margo’s Quick Advice: We all want to live a signifiant life and do meaningful life-work. We can! Don’t let anything stop you from flfilling your calling and bringing your God-given gifts to the world! Use all you’ve been given: your resources, your opportunities, and the power of your words, both written and spoken, to design a purposeful life and positively influence and empower others.

If you want a THRIVING and SUCCESSFUL life, business, and ministry, where you serve others in amazing and exciting ways, YOU CAN HAVE IT, regardless of your industry or where you are today!

I’ll help you to quickly get UNSTUCK, clear, and out there quickly to begin fulfiling your purpose and calling.  I work with individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who have important life-work to attend to, and who KNOW they are in a significant SHIFT in their lives! 

I help you discover or fine-tune your “Gift of Brilliance” for this season of your life, and find the words to best communicate to yourself and others, so you can experience deeper joy and happiness, and have greater influence. Whether you need to:

~ Increase your joy & sense of purpose

~ Market your business or ministry with clear intention and direction

~ Create & publish rich content for your followers

~ Design a lifestyle for significance and not just for success

~ Publish & market your book


I will partner with you for success. I can help you gain a deep sense of fulfilling your life’s purpose. I’d love to be your mentor and success partner!





Growing Up

I grew up on Long Island, New York.  I think I always had a mentor’s heart, and I cared deeply about my family and friends. I was rather idealistic, too, quite often seeing the world as it “should” be, rather than as it was.

I wanted to help others. I wanted them to be encouraged, and see their innate value. I loved to inspire anyone who would have it! I also had a flair for business. My burning entrepreneurial spirit first showed up in early grade school where I sold RAZZLES to excited young clients for a 2.5 times markup, making them happy I was a part of their lives!

1616With a bit of a rough childhood, and no real mentors, I quit school at the age of 15 and was on my own shortly after. I held a series of  jobs, and worked my way up in many of them. I did not have a lot at that time, but what I did have was an unstoppable determination to be productive and connected, and to live a rich and deeply meaningful life that would benefit others!

A Desire for Mentors

I began to see my life as an opportunity to contribute to others and to myself as well.  I  looked for successful people–those who I admired and whose lives were rich and many-faceted. They became my mentors; many of them were much older than me, serving in the Christian community. They seemed to have such substance, and love.  Many had careers, family, and even some obstacles to face, yet they had fabulous balance and tremendous joy and a positive outlook.  This helped me form my image of what success looked like, and I soon discovered it was signifcance I was after, not merely success. I decided I would not let anything stop me from experiencing what many of my mentors had.

I opened my heart wide and let God direct my steps. I got my G.E.D., went to Jr. college, took a rigorous state exam, and wiggled my way into a very fine university, working the entire time and also studying success as I went–something you do NOT learn in school.  I quickly became a mentor for others as I continued studying and learning everything I could about what makes people happy, successful, and fulfilled, and most importantly, what makes them deeply feel that they are living a significant life.

I was so inspired. I shared, I taught, I learned. I got married, and nine months later had a baby– then another, and then another, all within four years!  I was totally plugged in at being a wife and mom, an was exceptional at motherhood. I absolutely loved it. I knew it was intensily valuable, and exactly where I was supposed to be. Still, my entrepreneurial spirit, my creative voice, and my desire to connect with other women in a greater way burned within me

I started a retail decorating company (custom babay bedding and kid’s rooms at first) and a speaking business with three kids all under the age of three (I had a very supportive and helpful husband, and I also secured someone to help me run my business). My business grew into more niche aras of interior design, and my speaking business grew, too. Now I was speaking on design, home and work environments, busness, and marketing (since I was so good at getting clients).

For a long time, I personally fabricated all of the window coverings and custom bedding for my clients, as well as the custom baby bedding I sold!  I also wrote all of my own teaching curriculum for my speaking and seminars!  I started out small, and my client base quickly grew. It was exciting, but incredibly challenging, because I had a family, and more and more people wanted my design and speaking services, and I was asked to speak in more and more places. I spoke citywide, statewide, and in many other states. I even spoke out of the country.  I spoke at big design shows, and small ones. I spoke for women’s groups, and business events. I also spoke at a few churches.  I loved it becasue I knew what I shared made a difference for my audiences. Their lives were better because of it.

Balance,  Success, and Significance

Through the years, I  have faced many serious challenges. Some were pretty tough. I determined to learn fom them. I also determined to keep God first and allow Him to show me the significance of everything, and how I could use it to help myself, and then others.

I’ve had to learn to stay focused on what mattered most for me as a wife, mother, business owner, Christian, and mentor.

The Power of Words!

“Communicate with a Clear Purpose, Since the Power of Your Words Can Change Everything!”  ~Margo DeGange

I love words–both written and spoken, becasue they have the power to change EVERYTHING!  The words you say to yourself, speak to others, think, write, publish in products or in a book, and share in your communities, online, or in your marketing communication, actually bring you a return (a return on words), and those returns can be favorable for your continued success (personal, professional, spiritual, financial) and the success and betterment of others. I want to help empower you to get great results!

Over the years I’ve put powerful, positive, meaningful words to the test in my business and personal life.  They delivered. I became a top expert in my field at the national level, and a trainer, mentor, speaker, writer, publisher, and international best-selling author.  I served on national committees, advisory boards and forums, and have given keynotes, speeches, and hosted workshops and classes to individuals and business professionals from all over the world.  I have helped thousands of people improve their businesses, careers, and their lives.

I have been right where you are! Before I understood the powe of the words that I think, say, write, communicate, share, and publish, I faced ALL of the struggles anyone with important life-work faces:

  • Few people to emotionally support you
  • Not enough money coming in
  • No real focus
  • No clear, simple, and effective plan to follow
  • Inconsistent sales
  • Lack of ideal clients who are willing to pay you what you are worth
  • No cash flow
  • Not always enough sleep
  • Way too much work
  • Not enough time
  • Lots of bills screaming at you
  • Discouragement
  • No vision or mission for true leadership
  • Not enough reach, influence, and visibility where it matters
  • No real impact in life
  • Inconsistent results
  • No sense of significance
  • Your brilliant gifts seemingly “wasted”


If you are READY to get UNSTUCK; to create a purposeful message you can get behind and lead with,  one you can communicate with power in your most meaningful life-work, contact me today at

Shift from mere success-mindedness to significance as you fully enjoy the process of creating a thriving and profitable life, business, and ministry!

250 Word Bio for Media

Known as “The Content Marketing & Visibility Expert,” International Best-Selling Author & Speaker Margo DeGange, M. Ed., is a Business & Lifestyle Designer, and the founder of Women of Splendor, the exciting mentoring organization where spiritually-minded women collaborate, discover & develop their brilliance, increase their reach & visibility, and bring healing to the world in a BIG and splendid way!

Margo is also the founder of Splendor Publishing, where entrepreneurs with important life-work become published authors and get their life-changing message to others.

Margo hosts the life-transforming Women of Splendor 4-Seasons of Success conferences quarterly, and the celebrated Luxury Leadership Retreat, yearly. Four times a year she also publishes the Women of Splendor Magazine.

A Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur for over 25 years, Margo knows first-hand how to gain and keep a constant flow of high quality clients, having simultaneously run a successful Speaking, Training & Publishing business and an Interior Decorating & Design firm during her career.

You absolutely CAN increase your reach & expert status, and create a profitable business & thriving life-work through what Margo coins, “Brilliant Biz-ibility!” She’ll help you discover your “Gift of Brilliance,” own it fully, and communicate it brilliantly so you “Shine Full Throttle!”

In just about every industry, Margo has helped transform the businesses of entrepreneurs worldwide, including Speakers, Coaches, Designers, Authors, Artists, Organizers, Real Estate Professionals, Color Consultants, Wellness Teachers, Psychologists, Lawyers, Retailers, and Chefs. Let Margo help you discover YOUR “Gift of Brilliance” and “Shine Full Throttle.”



Margo’s Formal Education

Although she credits her REAL education to years of studying people, success, and business, Margo earned both her Bachelor of Science and Masters of Education degrees from Texas A&M University, where she studied Leadership and Communication with an emphasis in Business and Economics, and then went on for a Masters degree in Adult Education and Instructional Design with additional specialty area studies in Adult Motivation, Distance/Online Learning, and Organizational Development. She is a Certified Human Behavior Coach through the Leadership Institute of America. She also holds a degree in Speech Communications.

Some of Margo’s Design Industry Background

Margo’s design education includes studies in the science of color psychology and how color affects the brain, behavior, and our environments, interior decorating, and the design and fabrication of custom home fashions, bedding, and window treatments. She is a WCAA Certified Window Treatment Consultant, a Window Fashions Certified Professional, a Dewey Color Consultant, a DANA Certified Professional Decorator, a Dewey Certified Instructor, and a Window Coverings University Certified Instructor.

Margo’s contributions to various industries include co-creating the Millionaire Mastermind group, serving on the creative team for Impact Communications, serving as the National Director of Training and Education for the Window Coverings University, serving on the National Board of Directors and as the National Vice-President of the WCAA, serving on the Advisory Board of We Make Color Easy, serving as the Executive Director of the Decorators’ Alliance of North America (DANA), serving as a Certified Instructor for the Dewey Color System and the WCU, serving as a contributing editor for Furniture World Magazine, serving as a Nation-Wide Development Manager for the Exciting Windows Network, serving as the Education Director (and founder) of The DeGangi School of Interior Decoration, being a member of the Inscape Publishing Network, and serving on numerous national and regional educational and marketing committees, forums, panels, and advisory posts.

Margo has written countless articles for various trade and professional publications and blogs, and has authored numerous books and educational programs in content marketing, publishing, coaching, advertising & marketing, business development, interior decorating and design, professional speaking, communication, new marketing, personal development, spiritual development, and information marketing.

She has also personally designed and developed scores of business-building products for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, and she founded The Decorators Alliance of North America, a trade organization for professionals in design-related businesses.

Margo leads keynotes, workshops, and programs in many market niches including interior design, home improvement, professional speaking, education, real estate, self help, healthcare/wellness, the food and chef industries, and other industries. She is in demand as a writer, speaker, and consultant, and her passion for both personal and professional growth is truly contagious.

Margo has trained people from all over the world, yet she finds that the 10 most common threads of empowered and successful people are:

1.   Know who you are outside of what you do’
2.   Connect meaningfully with mentors and with your clients
3.   Take responsibility for where you are today
4.   Define success on your own terms
5.   Take focused, RIGHT, step-by-step action towards what you’ve defined
6.   Recognize and act upon the opportunities surrounding you
7.   Keep moving when you don’t yet “see” success
8.   Celebrate with vigor when you do
9.   Sow meaningfully into the lives of others
10.  Create significant, meaningful life- work that improves quality of living for others in a rich and measurable way.
 Contact Margo to begin YOUR life and Business Transformation:

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