Breathe Success!

It’s Time!

It’s time . . . to move, to transition from a place of basic personal and professional development and success, to a position of true personal strength and significance. It’s time to put YOU on the map!

I have a lot of fabulous info and tools to share with you— to get you in motion, to get you strong, to give you peace of mind, and to help you create a FULFILLING life, a THRIVING business or ministry, and SOLID relationships. This is fitness for the soul.

It’s time for ALL of us to finally just be ourselves and contribute meaningfully AND powerfully to the world through who we were meant to be and what we were meant to do.

We all want our lives matter. We want to contribute and make a positive impact on others. You may be feeling a shift, and seeking significance more than mere success. You are tired of the games and the hype; you want your LIFE-WORK to be MEANINGFUL and to touch lives, and you want it to be REAL and from the heart.

No matter what you do in your work (consulting, selling, ministry), you ARE someone before you DO something. The person you are at your core CAN and SHOULD be brought into your work FULL THROTTLE to benefit, empower, and encourage others. You must START by being truly aligned with God’s calling for you. THAT makes for a significant life and meaningful life-work, and opens you to abundant living.

To  gain influence and visibility, you don’t need a hook or a gimmick. You just need proven, gravitational content marketing strategies based on solid adult learning principles to attract your community, and you need a strong and attractive core message that is true to you, true to who you are here to be, and true to what you are meant to do during THIS season of your life. Your core message–the one around which you create, build, and publish all of your content–should communicate YOUR unique vision and mission!

Be yourself in your work, and be it full throttle! There is no other you, and THAT is where YOUR power lies! Your God-given calling is unique, and so is your life-work. With the right message, the right content, and the right channels of delivery, you can lead your community and move beyond success, into glorious significance. The power of your words will change EVERYTHING!

Your tools are right here! Everything you need is right here at your fingertips. The rest is up to you!

It’s time to get EMPOWERED——to STOP the ridiculous game of trying to please everyone else, be something you are not, do something you are not called to do, reiterate messages that are not true to your heart or calling, or do it someone else’s way.

You CAN have a rich life, a great business or ministry, and fabulous relationships, but it starts with getting real and getting to where you are comfortable flowing in YOUR personal power and YOUR area of influence—not someone else’s. Then build the plan you will use to move forward! With an authentic and clear plan that WORKS, together, we’ll put you and your business or ministry on the map in a BIG way!


I have shown up for you today to help you:

~ Discover your “Gift of Brilliance” (what you should focus on) for this season of your life

Communciate with purpose, since the power of your words can change EVERYTHING! 

~ Create a strong, attractive core message that is true to you and your most meaningful life-work

~ Publish the right content (based on adult learning principles), using the right marketing channels of delivery

~ Move beyond mere success, into glorious significance

~ Fulfill your calling and Shine FULL THROTTLE!

~ Experience joy and a deep sense of purpose and connection in your life every day!



I am living my DREAM. My dream is to be a true encouragement and inspiration to others, to have control over the way I use my time and my resources, to fully enjoy the experience of life, to love my work and my contributions, to be blessed financially,  and in doing so to know I am a success.

I will help you find YOUR voice, YOUR passion, YOUR most valuable gifts, and YOUR creativity!  YES, you have all of that within you RIGHT NOW. I write with YOU in mind. My entire goal is to empower you to embrace your life and live it fully and exceptionally, while touching the lives of others, being and feeling truly significant, and having loads of fun.

Be a Lifelong Learner!

I’ll help you grow your business or ministry with magnetic content marketing that makes you super attractive to your ideal clients or community. I’ll help you connect with others, be a giver, grow personally and professionally, increase profits, understand the New Media and New Marketing Mindset, and enjoy your life with more authenticity, more time for what matters most, and more energy. I want you to live YOUR dream.

Please stop by my blog often for words of empowerment and substantial tools you can use to continuously keep you on the track of being YOU, living your life and running your business or ministry the only way it will succeed—by YOU embracing YOU, and giving the real YOU to others!

I would love to hear from you. You can email me at

Margo and Joe, Expecting YOUR Success!

To YOUR Wild Success,


Margarett DeGange, M.Ed.


4 thoughts on “About You!

  • 04/14/2012 at 1:27 pm

    Aloha Margo,
    I signed up for Maui Best Life shift events on April 2,2012 but have not yet been billed for the event. Here is the ID number 193136929. Please could you let me know what is happening as the early bird special will end April 14 according to Sandy Conway. Really appreciate it…
    Shari Rospond

    • 10/07/2012 at 8:30 pm

      Shari, I so enjoyed sharing three days with you in our Maui Best Life SHIFT event.

      I am looking forward to May 2013 when we return for another Maui Best Life SHIFT! I have some great activities planned!



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