Never confuse motion with action.” -Ben Franklin

ben-balloonCreating a meaningful life, impactful life-work, or a profitable business means getting off your buns and focusing your attention on what needs to be done to get the results you desire.

-If you want to grow your business, you have to take the RIGHT steps.

-If you want great relationships, you have to take the RIGHT steps.

-If you want to impact the world for good (even if just your little world), and help others, you have to take the RIGHT steps.

-If you want to create wealth (and not just appear rich), you have to take the RIGHT steps.


There are many things you CAN do in light of the goal you chase, but there are likely only SOME things you actually SHOULD do, to get the result that matters to you and that is most meaningful, i.e. to get the good and desirable result.

That’s the difference between MOTION and ACTION!


Motion happens for various reasons:

-to look good;

-to appear to be doing something worthy;

-to keep up with the Smith’s and, oh yes, those Jones’,

-because someone said that’s what you should do or the way you should do it;

-because some coach put it on the MUST DO list;

-because you didn’t know any better.


There are many leading the way who don’t know the way themselves. So don’t listen to those folks.



Listen to the ones who have mastered ACTION–that movement and activity that yields desirable results.

When you take right ACTION, you get a gain.

THEN, you take more right ACTION and forget the rest.



Most TO-DO LISTS are laden with MOTION-items!    Eight or nine of every ten items listed can likely be dropped.

Take ACTION on the one or two that matter.


Seek out the ACTION items instead–those that when implemented, bring a prize, or a clear step towards it.

Forget the rest.

MOTION will just make you tired!



Motion or Action?
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