Thinking about writing your book can feel overwhelming (even before thinking about publishing your book)!


Sitting down to start can feel paralyzing.



So, make it super easy on yourself with this little 1-2-3 simple book-writing outline system I created. Just keep it all really simple, sweetheart:

1. Make a list of your chapters (use working titles-don’t get stuck on the final chapter names).

2. For each chapter choose three to four headings (which support the main point of the chapter. Use working heading names that can be finalized later).

3. Now eat the book-writing elephant one heading at a time!

BONUS TIP: Go with the flow of your natural tendency, meaning you don’t have to write the topics in the order of the book outline. Instead, simply take each heading as you feel the “mood” grab you.

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Now go write that book, you brilliant writer you!

EASY Way to Write Your Non-Fiction Book!