Got Critics?

HARSH Critics? MEAN Critics? Downright UGLY, NASTY, HATEFUL Critics?mouth-modified

It OK!

Don’t be dismayed or discouraged.

You are loved and empowered to do your work, no matter!

IGNORE the Opponents, Unsupporters, and Frienemies, who come in many forms.

Hon, keep your eyes on the prize!



A great friend of mine—a powerful leader—is dealing with an all-out hater—a word-flinging attacker who hides their identity behind anonymous comments and emails.

Sometimes this happens to us, too, but in way more subtle ways (that still hurt). Sometimes through people we know.

Maybe a “friend” deliberately withholds their support or love. Maybe a “colleague” hides their motives and talks negatively about you to others. Maybe a once-trusted collaborator and confidant now sabotages your work so they can do it “better.”  OK… so, CHANGE YOUR FOCUS!

It’s THEIR Bad-Beef.  It does NOT belong to you.

YOU—keep YOUR eyes on the prize!  



-The person who sends you hate-mail and ugly notes is spending their time WASTING THEIR gifts (and time). Ignore!

-The person who continues to be rude or allows their team members to be rude to you knows little about life, teams, and success (no matter how successful they appear). Ignore!

-The person who will not embrace you openly or celebrate your gifts in front of others does NOT know the value of THEIR gifts, so how could they possibly value yours? Ignore!



Often, an opposer is a person who in some way feels threatened by your gifts. If they felt no threat, they would either do nothing at all, or they’d show support and encourage you (a person with a right mindset can “see” the positive value of others who do good works).

Opposers are TROUBLED! They are unclear of their own mission or vision AND do not see that both their gifts AND the gifts of others work together for the greater good! They are self-centered only. They attack or REFUSE to show support to noble and good things and people because they are off course themselves.

The outright severe opponents become attackers, and they are often bullies or cowards who HIDE behind a curtain, or who cannot truthfully substantiate their claims, or both. That person who is leaving anonymous hate messages on your blog, or sending you harsh or ugly emails is lost in vain imaginations and swimming in fear-based thinking. This validates even more why your work in the world is so important. People need to be set free—the person who WANTS to be, that is!


Maybe your “attacker” is seemingly less hateful that that; it could be a “frien-emy” who’s a tad more subtle (but still of the same contrary spirit), and perhaps they:

-Leave you a one-way voicemail with no room for respectful dialog

-Snub you at a gathering

-Make up untrue things about you, or wrest the truth just enough to defame or harm you

-Go through the trouble of intentionally sidestepping and “ignoring” you in person or on social media

-Talk negatively about you behind your back to their team, mastermind group, friends, family, clients, or mutual connections (because they’re “concerned”)



When an “opponent” targets you and your gifts, they actually have an issue with their own gifts:

Either they are NOT using their own gifts, and they know it, or

-If they ARE using their gifts, they do so for self-serving purposes, or from a LACK mentality, or from the wrong spirit—one that says “If YOU shine, I cannot shine as brightly.”

-Some oppose because they COVET your gifts, and devise ways to snatch them, so of course they feel they must put separation between you and them, because…

-They do not realize that people CAN have the same gifts and still celebrate and fully support one another.

-They have not yet discovered the power of love, faith, and connection for the greater good. It is likely that the only connection they allow is the connection they PERCIEVE as getting them “ahead” in some way.



Most all visionaries have faced opposition. Even BIG names get plenty of heat.

Consider these remarkable religious leaders: Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen. Or how about these icons of society who stood to change culture in some meaningful way: Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Zig Ziglar, Martin Luther King Junior?

They faced NASTY, UGLY, MEAN-SPIRITED opposition, and NOT just respectfully communicated differences of opinions, and you will too. Even though these individuals did no harm nor attack others who did not think or believe the same way, the haters had to violently and hatefully protest. They could not just let them be.



It means you are on to something. If you were insignificant, no one would care.

If you ruffle the feathers of another because you use your God-given gifts to HELP others; if people insist on NOT showing you love, the problem is NOT with you.

Stay in Faith!


Fools Rush In (and Out, Thankfully)!
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