Every day should be our day of freedom: free from discouragement, free from lies, free from doubt, especially since we have the gift of grace. But today, a true day of freedom celebrated, I particularly want to share something with you that was on my heart.

pathI know from listening to my clients and others that so many people secretly struggle with not feeling significant in their life-work. They see many people demonstrating publicly their “amazing life and work.”  Now listen, if we wanted to brag, we could. You could. I could; it would make heads spin if I shared even a fraction of the things I have been blessed to do. But that is not what it’s about.

Take your calling seriously. Your calling, no matter what you do, is to encourage others and make their lives better. It is never about you. There is a strong pull in this day towards “Stardom,” and as business people, we can certainly BUY influence by forking up the money to be in certain groups. You can if you want to, but know, that is not true influence.

Who BELIEVES in your mission, without you giving them money to be a believer? Who supports you in your work and is glad you are doing it, even if they are called to do something else? Who would be your friend even if you did not pay them to? I hope we will wake up and not allow ourselves to feel lesser-than or insignificant based on such shallow requirements for influence, impact, friendship, and connection.

GET REAL. GET QUIET. GET STILL. Get in the presence of the one who paves the path of your calling. Find your truth. No matter what others think, walk your truth. Don’t look to the left or right; don’t long for the “popular” table; don’t dole out money just to be “in the know” when that is not what you are really called to do. Don’t embrace people for what they can GIVE YOU when you are passing by the people God has called you to connect with. You get what I mean.

This was on my heart. The landscape we see now—especially online—is not necessarily sustainable. Be wise. Build your influence the GOD WAY, which is true influence. Do your best. Be magnificent, but don’t be self-seeking, and don’t rush around basing your decisions on what others do and say.

I pray today that you find amazing freedom to be who you really are, with no apologies and with no fear of “missing the boat” or of not being at the “popular table.” If you follow your path—the one paved just for you and suited blissfully for the life-work that rings honest for you, you’ll find joy unspeakable, and a glorious road of health, wealth, significance, abundance, and love, and you will NEVER be the same. This is TRUTH!

Enjoy your FREEDOM: Your calling can’t be bought!

With love,


Freedom: Your Calling Can’t be Bought!
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