Late this afternoon I decided it was girl time!


Ally was sunbathing in the back yard (yes, that’s what you sometimes do in February in Texas, by the way, unless there’s freezing rain).

So I decided it was time for a work break and time for us gals to refresh, with…



I got he recipe from my virtual friend, Chris Wark.


Here’s how to do it-

Juice together (in a juicer):

4 organic Granny Smith Apples (or a combination of 4 apples of any variety, seeds and all)

1 organic lemon (peel and all)

Serve over ice and fresh mint.


Don’t dismiss this fantastic treat; it’s a great winter drink, too, and FULL of health!








**Photo source:  ©Margo DeGange. All Rights Reserved.











Fresh Homemade Lemonade in February!
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