Are you eager to get speaking gigs in 2014 and beyond?

Write a book (and Splendor Publishing can help). If you start now with a 12 week plan (writing a chapter a week), you can have your manuscript complete in just 12 weeks!

splendor2Authors almost always have an easier time of securing speaking opportunities than non-author.

If you are already an author or co-author, here is a BIG TIP for getting more speaking gigs quickly and with ease: simply ask around, starting within your local community!

Begin by asking the local leaders of women’s organizations and business organizations such as ABWA (again, start locally) if they would enjoy an expert author sharing with their group on a particular topic (your topic). These local groups must secure speakers every month. They are always looking for interesting speakers, and authors are naturally seen as experienced experts!

Also ask schools, corporate groups, community groups, meetup groups, trade and community associations (start locally). You may also ask your Facebook friends and Twitter followers for referrals and speaking gigs.

When you get the speaking engagement, just after you set the date, offer to do a book signing as well (they get added value, and you get to sell books)!

As a published author, once you get local speaking opportunities, you will see it is just a bit more effort to get national speaking gigs.

For more info on getting published, or being featured in a high-quality upcoming anthology, contact Splendor Publishing at 979-777-2229.

A Great Way to Always Get a Speaking Gig!