I’ve HAD it!


I’m through listening to and watching as really good peeps work against their own success!

There is just NO REASON FOR IT!


Remember that movie ‘Network’?

Do you remember that scene where the broadcaster said in utter distress, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore”, huh?

Well, that’s sort of how I feel, except I’m not mad as hell.  Instead, I’m just incapable of B.S., and some of that B.S. is the way we all treat ourselves at one time or another. I want to shovel that B.S. right out the door once and for all, starting with this message!

In our daily lives, and in our businesses, we often say, do, and believe all kinds of crazy, unsound things that cause us a lot of harm, yet we seldom have a plan to counter-balance any of it, and that’s just silly, Billy!

I mean after all, many of us have a business plan, or a marketing plan, or a plan for our vacation, or a plan for buying a car or our holiday gifts, yet we do not have a plan for the most important thing of all, our personal success.

Oh sure, we have dreams and goals, and we may have even written them down somewhere, but do we have a plan in place to immediately counter negative thoughts, words, and actions that threaten to take us off the course of personal joy, fulfillment, and success? (And BTW, I think joy and fulfillment IS success, but anyway…)

Well today I am not going to tell you exactly what YOUR personal success plan should be, BUT I will give you four ways you can begin to counteract the bad vibes that tremor through your life and business now and again. Place these four gems in your plan to fight the good fight towards staying in success everyday!

1. NOTICE what you think about yourself.

For a few days, take a pad of paper around with you, and jot down (without any judgment) each thought you think towards yourself that sucks! Thoughts like “I feel like a loser today”, or “I don’t understand why ______ is doing so well and I’m not”, or “I wish I could be like _________”, or “Here I am at age _____ and still in this place”.

Then go back and make a POSITIVE and REALISTIC (rather than pie in the sky) counter-statement to replace each thought. For example, for the thought “Here I am at age _____ and still in this place”, your counter-statement that you write down could be, “I have met so many fabulous people over the years. I think I will call 3 of them every week to revive my contacts and communications. That will open a lot of new doors for me”.

2. Use Your Inside Voice!

That is, your inner voice! Use it to lift yourself up!

You may think your inner voice is YOU, but in reality that inner voice is SOURCE, speaking to you and working on your behalf. Listen to it, and then speak back to yourself from the inspiration you gain from what you hear.

You can speak back to yourself (and to SOURCE) words of thanksgiving, or you can speak back a positive intention you set for the day, or you can speak back love instead of tension or stale words.

By doing this you totally support your own success, and you end of helping others too.

When you listen to that inner voice from that amazing SPIRIT within (who always has your best at heart), you are sure to sure to be on your most definite, most positive, and most authentic path.

Nothing can go “wrong” when you align with that inner voice!

3. Don’t Challenge Your Peace!

Purpose to Stay Peaceful! I like to think of it this way: My natural state is peace, and things often come along to remove me from that natural state, but I say “no” to inner turmoil when I become aware that it is there. I purpose to keep my inner being at peace EVEN in the midst of challenges at work or in my every day life.

There will always be challenges. Life brings those for us because they are great teachers and they cause us to grow, but they also challenge our peace. So, we definitely do not want to add unnecessary challenges or drama that is not really needed, since life gives us plenty to work with already!

The key to staying peaceful is not arguing with reality, and accepting everything at face value and without judgment in the moment. Then, you can work through challenges with empowerment! You can be in the middle of a storm with a right attitude.

4. Read and Let Read!

You cannot always physically be around other bright and positive people, but you can always pick up a book. You can visit the bookstore or library, or you can take a 5 minute break at home or at the office just about any time you want to turn a few inspiring pages.

Self-care for the mind and the fostering of your personal success can and does definitely come from reading a good book. Gaining wisdom from the written words of another is like sitting with a wise and caring friend who gives encouragement and good advice. I love taking time to read.

Finding just a few minutes to steal away to read even a page or two can make a big difference in your day and ultimately a tremendous impact on your life.

ACTION STEP: This week, purpose to work TOWARDS rather than against your personal success. Let these four gems shine through and light the way.



If this message speaks to you, please sgare a COMMENT right on this page. I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on protecting your personal success!

I’ve HAD it! I’m DONE! I’m Through Watching You Work Against Success!
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17 thoughts on “I’ve HAD it! I’m DONE! I’m Through Watching You Work Against Success!

  • 10/24/2012 at 10:01 am

    I am so glad that you stopped by and shared. THANK YOU!

    I totally understand the BOAT LOAD of challenges you mentioned. Believe me! My plan is to enjoy the ride, the weather, and the water while on that crazy boat!

    It is excited that your desire is for “getting back to my peaceful state”. The GOOD NEWS is that if SOURCE is in you, then you ALREADY HAVE IT.

    Your job now it to reject any thought or idea that tries to woo you away from your natural state of peace and contentment.

    There are so many “thought lies”, and they are like rocks (“thought rocks”)! Sometimes you feel them as a few specks of sand blowing your way, other times they feel like giant pebbles hitting you in the head. Occasionally they come as a boulder that lands right on your skull!

    These “thought rocks” are always aimed right at your head—at your MIND. Their goal is to knock out your good thoughts and replace them with lies. Once these “thought rocks” penetrate and do their damage, your thinking is bruised and unsound for a while.

    The way you forever deal with the “thought rocks” that come at you is to put on your imaginary HELMET. Each day when you wake up, pull your helmet over your head. It is lightweight and comfortable, and it is made from peace and given to you by SOURCE. It protects your mind from the lies that are thrown at you each day, that come to you in the form of “thought rocks”.

    This helmet is so easy to wear, you can even sleep in it if you choose to do so (I do). You can shower with, work in it, and exercise in it too. After a while, this magic helmet actually becomes a permanent part of you.

    Now THAT is exciting!

    Love and hugs,


  • 10/23/2012 at 9:11 pm

    WOW Margo! I love you taking a stand for success – OUR success! I can feel your energy – holding no BS, no excuses… just real, true n’ honest amazingly sweet success! This article is a keeper – one I will go back to for motivation time and time again. Thank you!

    • 10/24/2012 at 8:50 am

      Thank YOU Nadine. I see how important it is to take a stand.

      Every one of us would totally tear-up an intruder or wild animal that tried to harm our family, a dear friend, or one of our children (and many of us would do the same for a stranger, too). Yet we fall short when it comes to protecting ourselves.

      We have to be this same way with the intruder of “negative thought” that comes to damage us and attack our joy, our inner child, our peace of mind, and/or our success.

      We each have a right to be happy! WE have to be the keepers of our own heart. I have to be my own coach and my own encourager each day. YOU have to be YOUR own coach and encourager each day. We must speak to ourselves the very words that SOURCE gives us to stay empowered, at peace, joyful, and happy.

      Love and hugs,


  • 10/18/2012 at 5:57 pm

    So true about not fighting reality. My motto is that it isn’t what happens to you that counts, but how you cope with it. Your point about how you think about yourself is also spot on. We can destroy ourselves with doubt. Positive thinking!!

    • 10/19/2012 at 1:02 pm

      For certain Andy! Doubt is a normal temptation, but living in doubt will ruin us!

      I make an effort to keep my thoughts positive, even when I have to look at what needs to be improved, changed, or fixed.

      Thanks so much for sharing!


  • 10/18/2012 at 7:59 am

    What an incredible post Margo! Exactly what I needed to hear this morning as I’ve been struggling on taking my personal success to the next level. Too often, I give in to old patterns that no longer serve my highest good and spend way to much time thinking about how I should’ve made a different choice. I know that I am always connected to source, but it’s taking the time to replenish those negative thoughts with the voice of my TRUE self that’s paramount to my being the best me I can be!

    • 10/24/2012 at 9:00 am

      Mina, thank you so much for your honesty.

      I think what we all need to do during times like you shared—when we are being tempted towards discouragement—is sit our own self down as if we were sitting with a special friend (because we ARE our own special friend) and give ourselves a good talking to and a good pep talk, in the same way we would stand firm with a friend.

      We MUST learn to put SPACE between ourselves and what we think, and SPACE between what we think and the way we allow ourselves to react emotionally to the discouraging words we “hear” coming from our own thoughts.

      We MUST see that thoughts are simply “things” that come and go—like the droves of people who walk through Penn Station for example. They are just passing through! They are not residents. They are not permanent fixtures, and new ones will come through at any moment as quickly as the old ones came and left.

      DON’T believe the thoughts that discourage you, and don’t give them power by agreeing with them or repeating them over and over— and you will be free!

      COACH yourself! YOU SPEAK to YOU!

      Encourage YOURSELF with “SOURCE TALK” and you will discover a NEW best friend, YOU (and she has been there all along)!

      Thanks so very much for reading and sharing.



  • 10/17/2012 at 8:23 am

    Margo, thanks for the message on personal success. I have focused on achieving that success for years now and I love hearing your thoughts on how to conquer the negative mini bombs that can drop into my mind at any given time. It’s been a summer and now fall of losing friends and acquaintances to cancer. They all fought bravely and gave us their time and love while also still persuing their own personal success of just living each day. With the news of a friend passing away yesterday, I needed your positive words to remember that the quality of our life is related to the people who surround us and how everyday we all have a chance to interact with the best people (loving, inspirational, kind, intelligent, positive, funny, good listeners). Each day also gives me the opportunity to start again, pick up the phone to say hi to an old friend, make a new friend along the way, make ammends where I can, be there for my family and to be there for myself!
    Thanks again, Kat

    • 10/24/2012 at 9:16 am

      Hi Kat,

      I am so sorry for your losses, and that you had to say goodbye for a time to your dear friends. That is tough to go through, yet it makes you look at life more meaningfully, too.

      This is precisely why I say that joy, peace and happiness ARE success.

      Oh, money is nice since it pays the bills and offers us additional options and resources, but we can be quite successful by keeping life simple, keeping unnecessary overhead down, and extracting exceptional experiences from day-to-day endeavors like sharing an ice-cream with a friend, watching local athletes play a game of soccer, viewing a classic movie with a loved one, or sitting at the local lake with your toes in the water and joy in your heart.

      When I was single, I had a friend named David, and he and I would sit for HOURS at the Chinese restaurant sipping tea in those quaint little cups without the handles. We talked about everything you can imagine, and we really SAW each other. I felt so alive! He did too! Those were some of the MOST precious moments of my life, and in those moments, it would not have made a difference if I had 7 million dollars in my banks, or only 12 dollars in a checking account. IN THAT MOMENT I was joyful, content, happy, and HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL! Gobs of money would not have changed that or influenced it one bit.

      We run and we run. What are we chasing? The priceless GIFT is already right in front of us!

      What you wrote is precious, “Each day also gives me the opportunity to start again, pick up the phone to say hi to an old friend, make a new friend along the way, make amends where I can, be there for my family and to be there for myself!”

      Love and hugs, and THANK YOU for sharing!


  • 10/16/2012 at 9:44 am

    This article sure put into prospective the thought we all have. I teach others how to become a Home Stager or Redesigner and start their businesses, I feel helpless to help them get over looking at others and feeling less valuable. Starting a business is hard and rather than looking with envy at success, be inspired at that success and strive to get their, of course, it will involve dedication and planning.

    • 10/24/2012 at 9:35 am


      I cannot agree with you more! As a business coach, the most challenging task is to get others to a place where they are ready to embrace their power, and where they can clearly see that they are equal in value to everyone else, with an equal right to the same abundance and happiness. The truth is you really CAN’T make others want it. THEY must want it. All you can do is speak the words to those who are READY to let them in.

      MINDSET is everything. Even Yogi Berra, a rugged guy’s guy knew that when he said, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical”.

      Going back to teaching and training other professionals: If one of those peeps who talks down to herself (let’s call her Liz) were listening to a friend (let’s call her Janie) say all of those discouraging things Liz says to herself, Liz would likely gently admonish Janie and then offer her positive and affirming words of encouragement and empowerment. Yet Liz WON’T offer them to herself (I say WON’T because she CAN if she chooses to)!

      Does Liz REALLY believe what she tells Janie? One must wonder.

      We MUST begin to see ourselves as OUR OWN BEST FRIEND, and begin to take beautiful care of the this BEST FRIEND we have been commissioned to love, protect, empower, encourage, strengthen, and enlighten.

      Once we GET THAT, we are just about home!

      Hugs, and thanks so much for sharing!


  • 10/16/2012 at 5:17 am

    Margo – Thank you for such an awesome & thought provoking article! We all have these inner voices that can truly sabotage our success & happiness.

    I’m currently reading the book “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself.” by Joe Dispenza. It’s a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to truly let go of negative beliefs & embrace positive ones.

    • 10/24/2012 at 10:12 am

      YES YES DAWN! So thrilled to hear you are reading to create YOUR plan.

      Thoughts are everything! They are like gasoline. You can have a gorgeous car (career, business, family) but if you have no gasoline, or if you have BAD gasoline, you are not going to go anywhere!

      Thoughts empower us to action or inaction, and that is exactly why WE must be the one in control of putting the gasoline in, and choosing excellent gas for our “car”.

      It is just as easy to believe the truth as it is a lie. Actuially, it takes MORE energy to embrace negative thoughts because with that comes the energy expenditure of fighting with and cleaning up the harmful and destructive fragments they leave behind.

      If a thought is not encouraging, positive, good, productive, energizing, or intended to help us grow and prosper, it is a LIE, even if it has a semblance of truth in it.

      Authentic TRUTH always encourages you to stay in peace and to become better, more loving, more abundant, more prosperous, more joyful, and more free!

      Hugs dawn. Thank you for your thoughts and words.


  • 10/16/2012 at 12:47 am

    This was an amazing article! I’ve saved it as my “To Do List” so I can remind myself that everything I go through while I’m at the beginning stages of my business will all be worth it in the end.


    Sending many blessings your way~

    • 10/24/2012 at 10:19 am

      Thank you Linda. Your words mean a lot.

      This is the time for you to allow your very best mindset to be formed.

      So many business owners focus on the “stuff”, yet no matter how great the program or product, if you don’t believe in the gift YOU are and in the gift you are here to give, you will struggle unnecessarily in your business and with you income.

      Your value is that you have something AMAZING to share with others that will change their lives for the better, and you have the skill, experience, and most importantly the HEART and CALLING to share it, which makes you fully eligible!

      Be BOLD! Be STRONG! Be what you are here to be so you can do what you are here to do. Fully prosper and KNOW that you deserve that…that SOURCE wants that for you

      Those with a good heart and who also prosper financially, reach many people and help the world in amazing and generous ways!



  • 10/15/2012 at 11:43 pm

    Margo, that awesome and very inspiring! I really would love reading something like that everyday for breakfast!! This combined with faith in The Lord would be a 1-2 knockout punch which would catipult anyone into the stratosphere !!

    Thank you and God bless you!

    • 10/24/2012 at 11:25 am

      Thank you for you uplifting words.


      FAITH is at the very forefront of everything I teach, share, and write.

      So many people today say SPIRIT or SOURCE instead of God, and that is OK, because God is all that!

      If SOURCE is for us, who can be against us?

      If SPIRIT is in us, what can keep us from fulfilling our mission and calling?

      Oh, it is liberating to know that we each have a unique calling and purpose to help others in our life and work. SO… we had all better put the lies and the cheap thoughts away, put discouragement behind us, fuel up with FAITH and a positive focus, and get about the work of helping our communities and the world!

      WHAT could be more fun that that!

      Love and hugs,


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