God certainly has our attention right now.

He has also graced us with an amazing opportunity.

There are some clear benefits to staying home while this Corona Virus and Covid-19 situation is unfolding.

We’ve been distracted and self-absorbed, but now we are not so sure of ourselves.


Sensing our vulnerability and need for God, most of us are praying and speaking HIS words more than usual.

Where we were disconnected, even with technology, we’re now choosing to connect more meaningfully and personally, instead.

Our attitudes are shifting towards giving thanks to God for helping us and for getting our attention.

We’re actually seeing those we’re in the house with.

Online church attendance is at an all-time high. People who rarely attend are now showing up on Sundays in their living rooms!


There’s a clear blessing here in the midst of a tragic situation.

I believe we have great days ahead as we align ourselves with the word of God.

He wants to bless us!


I also believe that when this quarantine is over, He wants us to hit the ground running.

This can only happen if we make good use of our time, now.


We have a rare opportunity to get our lives and homes in order and to plan for the things God has put in our hearts to do.

Never before have we had worldwide permission to be at home in a perfect position to work on the things relating to our purpose and calling.

If you don’t know what that is for you personally, you likely know a part of it.

Listen to that small inkling in your heart.

Maybe it’s to be more kind to others, or to clear out your guest room for the friends who keep coming to mind. Perhaps it’s to take better care of yourself. Whether it’s a small idea or big, DO IT NOW.

Then, when the time comes, you can hit the ground running!


How great will it feel to go into the world ready to do what God has charged you to do?

If it’s something you already do, you’ll do it better. If it’s a new thing, you’ll be ready for the leap.


But here you are NOW, today, in your home.

This is not a time to be discouraged or down.

It’s a time to let God renew your faith and spirit as you receive His love–and it’s a time to prepare!


So, what’s that thing?

What’s He whispering to you now?

What’s He spoken to you in the past that you’ve ignored or put off?


What can you do about it?

If you feel to be in a certain career or to change occupations, go online and take a course.

If you’re called to the ministry, start now through an online channel (focus on one for now).

If you’re compelled to work with seniors, check on a few folks now to see if you can assist with errands.

If you know you’ll land in front of others in a position of influence, use this time to weed through and refresh your wardrobe, keeping what’s quality clothing and ditching what’s not, and putting outfits together in new and attractive ways.

If you’ve been moved to write your book (I know of a good writing coach and publisher, *wink*), then start your outline or your laundry list of headings, or tackle writing the rough draft of just one chapter. No need for perfection right now.


The point is to use this opportunity to prepare as you embrace your calling and purpose.

Find joy in the small activities you can do towards fulfilling and using your gifts.

If all you’re “getting” is the one small step you are to take right now, do that, and the next step will be there in your spirit waiting for your next move.

Baby steps are totally fine and highly recommended.


Then get ready to hit the ground running!


With love,





Hit the Ground Running!
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