Sometimes it’s simply a good idea to stop and give honor to whom honor is due.

Una Lisa Williams is an amazing woman; she is one of Splendor Publishing’s most highly esteemed authors. She is also an exceptional human being!

She is a model of hope, kindness, and positivity. In so very many ways she is a bright light and a glorious gift to others, and although she is most definitely a powerful woman, she serves those in her sphere of influence with a tremendous heart of humility and love.

She exemplifies the scripture that entreats us: by love serve one another.  I am honored to know her.

She is also an author!

yes! Her book comes out this month, and it is an inspirational work specifically created to encourage youth to soar like never before and to see who God made them to be. She loves the young people she mentors. This woman is making great things happen.

It is fitting today to honor this beautiful woman and author. I’ll send out the signal when her book hits shelves at the end of the month!

Honor Where Honor is Due