What a fantastic Brilliance-Session we had today at Women of Splendor.

judy_wilfongI had a chance to interview my business buddy and friend, powerhouse Judy Wilfong, author of the book “It’s your Business, It’s your Future”.

I know Judy through the Interior Design industry. She and I have sat together as chairs on panels and roundtables, and we have taught fun and valuable seminars together for small business owners who were willing to invest in themselves to succeed.

I have always admired Judy, from the day I met her years ago to today. With a mind for doing things the right way and a lovely personal style that draws others to her like a magnet, she is a person you want to know. She is the REAL DEAL and a class act, and she knows a thing or two about success!judys-book

With yearly sales figures that would blow the mind of most small business owners and that cause savvy business-people to seek her out as a mentor, Judy talks her talk from real-life, real-business personal experience. She has personally served several THOUSANDS of clients over the years, and has honed consultation selling to an art-form, just by being sincere and caring about her customers and clients. Her sales numbers are to be envied.

There’s no fluff or pie-in-the-sky with Judy. She is a true business success story, with big sales number and profits to prove it, and she wants you to get all the take-always you need to succeed.

In my interview with Judy, she shared some of the delicious goodies within her new book, “It’s your Business, It’s your Future” (click on the book to get your copy from Amazon), covering so much for us with her great insight, from the common but deadly mistakes business owners often make (even the ones who do not think they are making crucial mistakes), to the critical in-house MUST-Do’s every business owner has to embrace to keep from closing their doors. Her tips of brilliance will cause you to thrive and prosper in your business!

Judy, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your wealth of know-how with the Women of Splendor community. It was great fun!

Author Judy Wilfong Shares Sure-Fire Success Tips with Women of Splendor!

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  • 04/12/2013 at 2:23 pm

    What a fabulous interview this week! I just loved talking with you, you’re the best. It was such a pleasure sharing information from my book with others.

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