Here’s the next book to read if you are ready to start playing YOUR own song!

It’s by the well-known and well-spoken motivational & inspirational keynote speaker, Giovanni Gaudelli, and it’s called . . .

La Musica – Are You Playing Your Song?

I’m sure there have been times when you’ve had the impression that you have little control over your life, almost as if situations are just happening spontaneously around you, without you knowing how to handle them much ata all.800x600-2-books-white-backgrnd-for-print-jpg

I’m also sure, if you are like most people who are forging ahead to build their dreams, success, and legacy, that you often don’t get the results you are hoping for. It can be frustrating not knowing how to get in that zone of your own strong melody and flow into your purpose and calling.

If you ever wanted good news, here it is! You have the power within to take hold of your life.

In Giovanni’s new book La Musica – Are You Playing Your Song?  (based on the french version), you will learn how to easily obtain your desired results as you set your most meaningful goals. Through the book, you will discover just how to tune in to your own internal music, and make that music beautiful, motivating, and passionate.

This books takes you on a wonderful self-discovery journey where you will learn how to empower new and positive beliefs through the Do-RE-ME Circle. The book culminates with a special chapter on 31.5 simple ideas to start immediately creating a bright life that will bring you more happiness and greater satisfaction.

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So , I would say that if you need to FORTIFY your life and your work, add strength to your mind, and expand your moto, here is the “Drink of Champians” and the “Power Aid” 400x300-3cans-white-backgrnd-for-print-pngfor you if you want to be the MAESTO of your own life.

It’s Giovanni Gaudelli​‘s book

LA MUSICA: Are You Playing Your Song?

This book will help you gain control of your life and all those things you feel are out of your control or haphazardly happening around.

La Musica, in the English version, from Splendor Publishing, is a fantastic book that should be part of yopur professional library.

Learn more about Giovanni Gaudelli right HERE, and order the book from that space too, if you want to listen to your own melody and increase your power and happiness!

Or, order La Musica straight from AMAZON!


About Giovanni Gaudelli, B.A., DipEd. Motivational & Keynote Speaker, Coach and Consultant

Giovanni Gaudelli is a one of North America’s most dynamic and inspirational keynote PhotoGGaudelliand motivational speaker. He speaks English, French and Italian fluently, giving conferences in all three languages.  His engaging and uplifting message has created unique and memorable experiences for people from all walks of life. Based on his personal research and with more than 25 years coaching employees in the financial services industry, including 12 as a franchise owner, Giovanni Gaudelli has developed a message that speaks directly to the heart every individual. His message, focused on beliefs, attitude and emotions, restores our ability to be inspired and motivated.

His book La Musica – Are You Playing Your Song? will inspire you to be the best you can be and obtain better and more satisfying results in all aspects of your life.

Website: Twitter: @giomotivation



“I highly recommend reading Giovanni’s book. Giovanni illustrates the tremendous ability that each of us has within us to achieve personal excellence. He demonstrates the power of attitude through impactful stories and analogies. He reminds us that WE control how we     respond to adversity and that WE can create positive outcomes in life. Giovanni will inspire and challenge you to be your personal best!”  -Lisa Hoy Pressick, Sales Leader, State Farm Insurance Companies, Ajax East, Canada


Have you found your MUSICA? I first heard about Giovanni Gaudelli’s amazing concept a few years ago when I shared the stage with him at a speaking event. I discovered an exceptional speaker and a man with a big heart.  This book is a lot like Giovanni. It’s full of beautiful inspiring MUSICA. It offers a delightful and refreshing approach that you can apply to all aspects of your life. It will open your heart to your own wonderful MUSICA.  This book is a gift. It is stimulating, invigorating, and energizing. Read it and you will feel an irresistible drive to bring out the best in yourself and others.” -Sylvain Guimond, Ph.D., Sport Psychology Specialist, International Consultant to World-Class Athletes, Author, Speaker, and Founding President of Biotonix, Sorel, Canada

La Musica: Are YOU Playing YOUR Song?