One of the worst things we can do to others and to ourselves is to place labels. We seek to label in an attempt to manage. But labels constrict us and keep us from experiencing ourselves and others as we truly are.

We sometimes feel compelled to neatly label behavior and people because we want to feel a sense of control. Yet, labels can’t really help us control others or circumstances. Placing them will only lead to living a lie and experiencing others through untrue and unprofitable filters.

Freedom from labels will foster self love and love for others. Letting go of labeling will also support more quality interpersonal communication and personal growth.

Let yourself and others be free to experience and respond to life through who we naturally are.

Don’t adjust or filter who you truly are because of your perceived (or real) expectations of others; and don’t expect others to serve your expectations of them.

By the way, people who try to label the most will often dish out very harsh opinions and judgements. This blocks the path to abundant living and is counterproductive to meaningful lifestyle design.

Labels Can’t Control