My LOVEolution continues as women across the country learn the Art & Science of Loving Themselves Fist!

Our life-work and calling should complete us, not deplete us, yet women everywhere, from CEOs and musicians, to stay-at-home moms, cosmotologists, and minsters pulverize themselves to poweder in the name of good works!

YES, we will be poured out in our life-work, but it should be in balance to being staciereplenshed and revitalized, so we are never depleted or worn out.

If you are a business-woman or entrepreneuer, a stay-at-home mom, minister, or career gal, and you are in the East Texas area, join us Friday, May 22nd at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center from 10am to 4pm. Stacie Flowers has organized this amazing event, with fun, education, and even great door prizes. I will be the featured speaker, and I will bring participants through a two-hour workshop on Loving Yourself First. Join us for the LOVEoluton! You will never be the same–in a good way!





The LOVE-olution Continues, in Lufkin, TX!