Every Valentine’s Day for many years, I consider holding a conference. This year, I did something towards that direction. I started a LOVEolution!


Instead of a conference, I decided to invite six ladies to join me in my home for a three hour LOVING YOURSELF FIRST seminar.





It was fabulous, and life-shifting.

loving-yourself-first-14We began the afternoon by planting seeds into little peat moss seed pots, declaring that this was the start of something, i.e. from now on, loving ourselves first and foremost, so that we could love and serve others from a place of true strength and integrity.

The basis of what I taught at the seminar came from my SELF LOVE TRIANGLE and the 4 components to healthy self-love.


We set intentions for the day.

We discussed the power of our words and thoughts, and the way to best reframe so we are fueled every day.

We stated the importance of focusing on the hidden desire behind any fear, instead of letting fear drive us.

We made a commitment to think in terms of LOVEolutions instead of New Year’s resolutions, and to let February 14th– each time it comes around– be the day we set our LOVEolutions for the year, before we reach out to connect and love everyone else.

We agreed that what was shared in this meeting, stayed in this meeting.

We discovered we all had areas with room for growth, and some had completely put themselves last on a regular basis.




The ladies shared from the heart, and admitted they were not taking care of themselves as best they could. More significant though, is that each woman created a plan of action to do something about it going forward.

We had so much fun, and we connected. I know the ladies looked forward to being there, and mentally prepared in advance. That made it all the better. One of the gals, Tammy (pictured below), even brought gourmet cupcakes and set them up on a beautiful tiered cupcake display that he brought with her. She knew the day was going to be special, and that motivated her from the start.

We followed our half-day LOVEolution adventure with bakes ziti, meatballs, and more great conversation. It was all so fabulous, for sure.

In our lives, and in our most meaningful and important life-work, we will certainly pour ourselves out for others, but we must know how and where to draw the line, and equip, build up, and replenish our selves so we can continue to connect with influence, impact, and power. That is what changes lives for the better.



February 14th . . . A Day of Self Love & Loveolutions!
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