If you are on social media and online, you’ve probably seen a lot of posts about the newest book by Splendor Publishing, and this one is phenomenal!

I am so proud to tell you about this book that I co-authored with a group of the most amazing business professionals & success experts!

Together, we form a team of 14 writers, with a heart-felt mission to empower you in your life and business.


12Have you ever felt like you were forgetting about YOU while doing your important life-work? Have you put everything into the calendar, and made everyone first in your life and business, but YOU?

If you are like a lot of people, you may feel just about pulverized to powder, wondering WHY you are even serving in your business or life-work, when it is costing you your very essence.

I see this all the time with business owners and people in ministry, too. They serve from the heart, but they spin their wheels, feel depleted, and really make no significant gains, because they are not loving themselves first, which we are actually called to do. THAT is why I put this book together for you.

It really is time to put YOU on your life’s calendar, and quit depleting yourself in the name of success! My book will help you make that LEAP to a life of self-love, fulfillment, and joy, as you become much more successful in your business and life-work.


This fabulous new book is already getting rave reviews by many top business mentors and professionals. It’s called:

The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First: ‘cause your business should complete you, not deplete you! 


The book is now available on Amazon, and it will help you put your life and business in RIGHT perspective, in the most appropriate, self-loving, and productive way, so that YOU can SERVE others from a meaningful and fitting position of self-value and strength, while ensuring your own success!


As much as we think we can, we just CANNOT serve others if we are not taking care of self, if we are running ragged, and if our businesses and ministries are not set up for success. This book will put it all into focus and perspective, and start you on a new life path. The book is filled with great content and take-action SELF-LOVE-STEPS in every chapter.

If you want to gain real influence, increase sales and profits, and impact others, it must start with you being in control of your life and business. That only happens when you put yourself on the map, and set up simple systems and daily self-love habits in your life and business to catapult into success. That is what The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First will help you do!


If you have any book at all in your success library, you MUST have this book!  It really puts everything in perspective, including the “WHY” of our important life-work, and it gives you the “HOWs” to SHIFT your life and business into abundance.

You can order it right here.


This is YOUR divine opportunity to quit pulverizing yourself to powder, and to empower your self for authentic and inspired success! Don’t wait any longer to love YOU and gain TRUE success for yourself.  Get the book here!

The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First: ‘cause your business should complete you, not deplete you!







Want Business Success? It’s Time to Love Yourself First!