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 Fashion a lifestyle that honors your highest calling. Be a leader for yourself and others; never stop learning new things; stir up your creativity in big and small ways; serve others through love and good works, communicate to connect meaningfully with those around you; live with integrity and purpose; and create inspired, ideal interior environments that support who you are and empower who you want to be out in the world!  ~Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Inspired Lifestyle Designer

Margo DeGange is a Speaker & Best-selling Author, a Master Degreed Adult Education & Motivation Expert, a Book Publisher of Non-Fiction Works, and an Inspired Lifestyle Designer.

She is the Founder of Women of Splendor and Splendor Publishig, and the groundbreaking Certified Interior Environment Coaching program. 

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Margo DeGange’s most popular speeches
(customized for your keynote, general sessions, and breakouts, specifically for your group):
1. Here’s How You Create Meaningful Lifestyle Design
2. Apples of Gold: How the Power of Your Words Can Change EVERYTHING
3. Your Radical Advantage: the Faith Walk of the Entrepreneur
4. Empower Your Life through Inspired Organization and Order
5. The Vision Map:  Your Key to Focus, Simplicity, and Power
6. How to FINALLY Discover Your True Calling and Your Gift of Brilliance
7. Lead Like You Mean it: the Power of Fully Aligned Content Marketing
8. YOUR HOME: An Extension of Who You Are and the Catalyst for Who You Desire to Be
9. The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First: Your Life-Work Should Complete You, Not Deplete You
10. The Greatest of These is Love
11. Create an Ideal Interior Environment that Springboards Your Success in Life
12. The Dream IS in You, for Such a Time as This
13. Giving is the New Getting: A Shift to Love and Abundance
14. Maximized Marriage and Marriage and a Movie (various seminars and talks with husband of 30 years, Joseph DeGange.
The Maximized Marriage curriculum is also available for purchase for your church or organization)
 BIO—Margo DeGange, M.Ed.

Known for her work in Meaningful Lifestyle Design, International Best-Selling Author & Speaker Margo DeGange teaches audiences to ditch living to impress and instead embrace living with purpose.

Margo is a Business & Lifestyle Designer, Book Publisher, and Adult Learning & Motivation Specialist.  She’s the creative founder of Women of Splendor, the exciting faith-based mentoring organization where women collaborate, develop their brilliance, and increase their impact so they can bring healing to the world in BIG and splendid ways!

Margo is also the founder of Splendor Publishing, the publishing house where entrepreneurs, ministers, and leaders with important life-work become published authors and get their life-changing message to others quickly and with ease. She is also the creative  behind the groundbreaking Certified Interior Environment Coaching program, a state-of-the-art train-the-trainer program that certifies interior designers, decorators, life coaches, wellness professionals, church leaders, and others to help individuals create ©Ideal Interior Environments.

Margo publishes the Women of Splendor Magazine, and quarterly she hosts the life-transforming Women of Splendor 4 Seasons Conferences. Margo also hosts the celebrated Luxury Leadership Retreat. She is also the founder of the Decorators’ Alliance of North America. She and her husband (Joseph) speak on Maximized Marriage at churches and organizations, and host the Marriage and a Movie events twice yearly.

Margo holds a Master of Education (Adult Education & Instructional Design), a Bachelor of Science (Leadership & Communication), and an Associate of Arts (Speech Communication). She also holds a certificate in Human Behavior from the Leadership Institute of America. Margo has been featured in scores of books, magazines, and articles, and on many stages during her career. Her favorite work is showing audiences how to create a rich lifestyle design of meaning and purpose.

A Lifestyle Designer and Entrepreneur for almost 30 years, Margo has made significant strides and left her indelible marks in Adult Education, Speaking & Training, Book Publishing, Content Marketing, Interior Design, and in Christian-based settings. She insists that the greatest contributions any of us can make is to live and work with integrity of heart; show sincere love and care for others; design environments that empower & inspire; and use our creativity to positively change lives.


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