oes this sound like you?

This morning, I awoke, had a quiet time, got up, put my slippers on, and began to make the bed.

I straightened the covers and gathered the pillows, which I fluffed and sorted into two distinct piles near the headboard. I pulled the blanket and top sheet up, and folded them down together in a neat, straight line, focusing first on my side of the bed.



Then I put my slippers on and headed to the bathroom to wash and get ready for the day. I dressed and put on a bit of makeup, then took off to the kitchen for my morning smoothie, which I made and sipped. Then I poured myself some coffee.

Next I began my workday by gathering a variety of items for an upcoming event (this morning is not an office morning). I visited this cabinet and that cabinet, traveling from this room to that room, and also to the garage, selecting the items I thought would work well for my event plan. I began to conceptualize how the items I collected would be displayed together. I talked and collaborated with my daughters as I went.

At this point it was time for a quick stop into my master bathroom. On the way back I noticed I had not finished making the left side of the bed. The cover and sheet still needed to be folded down and straightened. I stopped there and did it right then. Project complete now!

As I got back to work, I laughed to myself with the realization that this “happens” to me quite often because that’s how I am wired. That’s how I sometimes roll! That’s how my brain frequently works, and this is just a sampling of how “crazy” the sidesteps can get in any single day when I have—let’s say three—projects to work on at my home or office.

This brain-burst of jumping form project to project on any particular day—even though each project was part of that day’s to-do list—used to bother me; I saw it as a “flaw.” I once labeled it as an inability to concentrate on a single task, but I now see it as an amazing and rare gift!

I see it as the exceptional ability to combine my own unique way of concentrating, with my unusual talent for seeing the overall plan for my day (week, life), and the effortless skill to perceive how a variety of tasks, tools, and items—that may come to my mind at any moment—beautifully tie into it.

I can start Project 1 in space A, go off to space B to get an item for Project 1, stay there in space B a while because I notice something I could do right then that will help me tend to Project 2 and further it along, then head back to Space A to re-engage with Project 1 and do some activities for that, then suddenly remember something in Space C which I immediately want to grab for Project 3, go get it, then once again address what I was doing for Project 1 (or 2, or 3, depending on the circumstances).

In all of this, by the end of the day, I make it full circle, having all projects on my to-do-list finished and complete (most of the time), and often in more wonderful ways than I originally planned. In addition, some of my best writing or class content comes to me this way, and that means in the midst of the day’s events, I often have to stop what I am doing to write an unexpected blog post, article, speech, or class lesson as it comes to my mind based on something that happened within the day’s experience.

This post is a perfect example, as I stopped to write it just after I made the bed. I could have told myself NOT to, but if I hadn’t made the pit stop, I would have lost the lesson. So although it was an unexpected delay, it served my overall mission well, and I felt it was needful and necessary. That’s why I allowed it; it fit into my big WHY and my purpose of being a mentor, speaker, writer, and teacher. This by the way is the glory of creativity and divine leading. It is not linear, nor does it travel a straight path!

On any given day, and for any given project or plan I am compelled or led to accomplish (based on that still, small voice that speaks and leads me each day), I function in my gift; I am masterful at synthesizing all of the elements and resources in my environment or at my disposal to accomplish my goals. Many of these elements and resources don’t come to mind when I am writing my daily to-do-list, but rather they come up for me as my day unfolds, so I go with the flow as I feel the inspiration and leading.

So in the face of the winding path I traveled this morning and the half-completed bed-making (that eventually did get finished before the day was too far along), it was all good!  As it most always does, it all gets done!


Today’s bed-making comedy caused me to think about life in general. We trust the master plan to God, and we put our faith in him to lead and guide our steps each and every day. Yet sometimes he brings us through a winding path rather than a straight one, and at any point we can look up and say that symbolically speaking, the other half of the bed is not made. We can get overly concerned and at times, even frantic.

What I’ve learned is to trust the process. Let God do His thing! Not everything goes according to a perfect structure, especially not with a God who sees all things, knows all things, and knows all of the little nuances about how our life fits together with the lives of others and with the circumstances of others, as well as with the many opportunities and resources all around us.

We may look at the “bed” of our life at a particular time and say, “Wait a minute, it’s not made—it’s not finished,” or even, “It’s still a mess,” but God is in control. He’s doing a little of this and a little of that. He’s going from winding-path1Space A to Space C, and He’s doing it “out of order.”  He’s applying something from Space C to Project 2 in an unexpected and “unplanned” way. He has every intention of coming back to finish the project He started, except maybe it’s not on the timetable or in the sequence we expect.

He’ll complete the work in your life alright, and He will likely take the winding path, not the linear track! So if you notice today that God didn’t finish “making the bed,” it’s not because he got side-tracked or forgot to get back to it. No way. Rather, it’s part of His perfect timing and plan for you. It’s all under control, if you will just continue to trust Him, the loose ends will come together in His perfect timeframe, exactly as they should.

More than One Way to “Make a Bed”!
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