Today I want to share a few of the names of God to help us understand his nature.
Actually, the word “name” can be loosely translated as “nature.”
The different names of God help us to better understand who He is and what His character is like.
I put some of the names of God on an at-a-glance sheet that you can print and display on your refrigerator or somewhere you will
see it daily. With in in plain view, it can be a reminder to you that God is everything you need at any moment.
If you ever feel you don’t have enough funds to run your household, look at the “God Is” sheet to remember HE IS your provider. If you ever feel sick or concerned for your health, you will know HE IS your healer. If you feel troubled or uneasy in your heart, you’ll embrace the truth that HE IS your peace.
GOD BLESS YOU. I pray you are filled to overflowing with His great love and care for you.
Names of God