If you want to feel good in life and be great at fulfilling your God-given calling, you have to take care of yourself.

So often, we think we don’t have time for fitness. But, we actually DO!

We make it too complicated. Let’s just be super simple-minded about it. Here’s an example:

This evening, when we returned from an early dinner out in Houston,  it was cool, and cloudy, and dusk, and all I wanted to do as soon as we got out of the car was curl up in my favorite chair and sip some hot tea. I also wanted (sort of) to ride my bike because I knew that was good for me.  But, there really was “no” time since it was starting to get dark outside.

While my tea kettle was heating, I threw on my sweats, opened the
garage, snatched my bike and rode it quickly around the block 5 times, which is over 1.5 miles. When I returned, the tea kettle was not quite in full whistle mode!

So you see, we actually DO have time to get winded once a day if we just look for it in the little spaces.









P.S. Those minutes add up, as do those calories, as do those dollars (spent and saved), as do those marketing activities, as do those kind deeds, as do those good works, as do those better food choices, as do those hugs, as do those smiles, as do all the “little” things we thought were too insignificnt to matter much.


No Time to Be Fine?
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