Purposeful Lifestyle Design often means . . .


-Choosing the BEST from among what you have.

-Having more of what you love while also having less to manage.

My closet had a lot in it. Too much. I did not use eveything in there. I did not know it was all even in there to use!

So…I purged!



I want quality over quantity, and I am committed to living a more simple and focused life…A more beautiful life!


My goal with the closet is to have less than 50 items when I am done! Feels good!


I’m not through with the project yet, but this is what I pulled from my closet (and I continue to edit).


Shoes, dresses, pants, sweaters, gowns, tops . . . how much do I really wear? I wear about 20 percent of all of it and I rarely access the other 80 percent (the Pareto Principle in action again). So, let someone else have this great stuff to use as their 20 percent!







It feels GOOD! It FITS!

Out of the Closet