Here is a best-selling book that touches people RIGHT where they live, and infuses them with exponential power that can change their lives for the better.

right-facing-stack-white-webReleased by Splendor Publishing…Author Timothy Grant Carter’s Positive x Positive = Unlimited was chosen by Amazon Editors’ for BEST BOOKS of 2014 in its FIRST WEEK of being published!

There is no doubt why! This best-selling book is power-packed with REAL-LIFE wisdom and easy-to-implement actionable steps to turn ordinary into extra-ordinary, and positive into unlimited!2014-amazon-editors-best-books-pick

Timothy put his heart and soul into this writing, to help others cans-transparant-bg-webcreate meaningful lives one day at a time. Anyone can turn their life around or turn up the level of success they already experience, and Timothy Grant Carter shows them the way.


Positive x Positive = Unlimited offers thirty readings of inspirational thoughts to add meaning to your life and career! So, if you want to change your life and career for the better, these thirty daily readings will guide your journey. Each lesson is based on Timothy Grant Carter’s concept of “Exponential Ideas,” meaning those simple truths and inspirational thoughts and actions that work together to bring you exponential results for a life of success and meaning!

Take one lesson at a time, and build your new life day-by-day. You will be amazed at what positive ideas multiplied by more positive ideas, can do to totally transform any life condition or circumstance. Positive times positive really does equal UNLIMITED!


TAKE A LOOK BELOW at the Amazon Editors’ BEST BOOKS of 2014 seal of approval for Timothy’s book! We could not be more thrilled here at Splendor Publishing!















And here is what others are saying about the best-seller that everyone is talking about, Positive x Positive = Unlimited…

Thirty great ideas to get your life rocking! This book speaks directly to the heart to help us lead a more authentic, purposeful and happy life.” -Giovanni Gaudelli, Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Co-active Coach

“. . . one of the most positive individuals I have encountered . . . anyone willing to interact with, reflect on and apply these concepts to their life and career will quickly see both improve exponentially!” -Cris Uren, Pastor, First United Methodist Church–Thomasville, NC

Tim is RELENTLESS. He is now taking that relentlessness in his pursuit of providing the best sales knowledge and training to all those who read his book. This book is a must read!” -Mike Bolynn, President, Bennett Buildings of NC

SLAM gets the reader not only inspired but gives a kick in the pants to take action on making your life the best it can be. This book gives you the power to stay on the course! Dig in!” -Marybeth Hrim, Hrim Company, LLC, Juniper, FL.

To what do we liken Tim Carter? How about a whirling dynamo of positive energy, an innovator, a ball of fire, a joyful spirit? He is one who always seeks a better way, a kinder way, a way where everybody wins.” -Ed Lewis, Attorney–Thomasville, NC.

This book is a SLAM DUNK if you want a day-by-day blueprint for taking life by the heart and making yours great! If you desire a life that’s significant, SLAM is the man to take you there!” -Margo DeGange, M.Ed., Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Publisher, and Founder of Women of Splendor

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Title: Positive x Positive = Unlimited

Foreword by: Steve Gutzler

Published by: Splendor Publishing

Editor-in-Chief: Margo DeGange

ISBN-10: 1940278198
ISBN-13: 978-1940278193


Why Best-Seller, Positive x Positive = Unlimited, Made “Amazon Editors’ Favorite Books of 2014”!