This is so fitting on Good Friday.

I saw this image today on a leadership blog, and it made me think . . .


It caused me to consider once again some thoughts on purpose and passion.

So in a snapshot, here’s what I think…

Purpose: no matter what you are “doing” during any day, any part of the day,  or any season of your life,

you can easily and fully be on purpose and you can—in that very moment—walk out your purpose.

Huh?  Wha?  How’s that?

Purpose goes far beyond pie-in-the-sky success, the need for fame, and movie-star status:  purpose is not what you do—it’s WHO you are as you live out each day, even in the little things!

When you know this—when you understand that being on purpose is being true to your heart (not your fear, but that HEART in you that means something) then the passion part is easy!

Just DON’T Lose Your Way!


Purpose, Passion, Huh?
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