You don’t have to say YES to everyone.

There is a time to say YES, particularly when you are forming new strengths or skills, traveling on a new path, or working with/helping a particular person you “know” or “sense” you were directed to, but continuing to give without pause or insisting on pleasing everyone often means you are not protecting yourself from weariness, burnout, or even exhaustion.

Saying “YES” to everyone and everything (or the wrong someone and the wrong thing) means saying “NO” to yourself when God may want you to say “YES” to you.


You can support, help, and contribute to others without turning from your God-given direction, or without pulverizing yourself to powder. This is an important part of lifestyle design on purpose.

Gratitude is important. As you become more and more aware of the precious gift of your life, you see more clearly. You will begin to see how you fit into the lives of others in balanced ways—meaning ways that uplift, inspire, and encourage without bringing damage to yourself.

It’s hard to be everything to everyone. Listening to that “Still small voice” is crucial so you can do good works with confidence, knowing you are responding to a call rather than trying to please others.  You can also help others immensely by praying for them and doing meaningful work they can access in  an appropriate way.

As inspired leaders and people who care, we give a lot and we naturally pour out for others.  This gives us even more reason to pull back at times, and minister to self. We need to regularly refocus, refuel, regroup, and replenish so we can give out of a full heart. When we are empty or weak, we simply cannot give effectively.

The scripture tells us to “Give and it shall be given unto you,” and this can be applied in areas other than finances. If you give out to others, at just the right time God will remind you that it’s time to allow Him to give unto you!

This letter from me, is one of those reminders!






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Say YES to You!
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