Lead your clients and build your community though inspirational, educational, meaningful, and significant content.

“The Power of Your Words can Change EVERYTHING!” ~Margo DeGange


Margo’s Work Includes:

Keynote speaking and breakouts

Business, marketing, and leadership consulting

Book publishing

Hosting and facilitating business & personal development events, conferences, seminars, and leadership retreats

Training others in content marketing and publishing,

Training others in her train-the-trainer certification programs

Certified Interior Environment Coach (CIEC) training

With a proven track-record for results, and a heart to help people live and work ON PURPOSE to fulfill their God-given calling, Margo can make a significant impact in your organization , business, or ministry.


Book Publishing  through Splendor Publishing, for Entrepreneurs with Meaningful and Important Life-Work, Who Want to Publish a Non-Fiction Book





Content Marketing Training:  Workshops, Events, and Live & Online Classes–Learn How to Build Your Community and Attract Clients through:

-Blogging, Book Publishing, Article Marketing, Social Media Plans, Ebooks, Free Gifts & Reports, Signature Speeches, Digital Magazines, Media Kits, Webinars, Telesummits, Live Events, Memberships & Community Forums, Your Powerful Email Signature, Your Interviews, Your Online Radio Show, Videos for Marketing Your Books, Magazine, TV or Radio Show


Niche Marketing Training:  Workshops, Events, and Live & Online Classes–Learn How to Establish a Powerful Niche, so You can Specialize and Publish Client-Attracting Content


Mastermind Leadership Training: Learn to Host and Lead Your Own Mastermind Group, with Valuable Content Your Clients Need 


VIP Coaching Days for Entrepreneurs


VIP Coaching Days for Interior Designers, Decorators, and Related Industry Professionals


Ready-Made Content Marketing Tools & Products for Interior Designers, Decorators, and Related Industry Professionals

-Pre-written interior design articles, pre-written tweets and posts, done-for-you FREE GIFT, done-for-you-ebooks, done-for-you PowerPoint seminars and seminar script—– (all evergreen)


Done-for-You Video Production for Your Book


 Women of Splendor Membership (become a part of theis amazing and empowering community of business owners and women with important life-work. Advance what’s in your heart through Women of Splendor membership and free member events!)


 Splendor University (a plethura of classes, workshops, seminars, and certification programs, on a variety of business and personal development topics, from book publishing, marketing, leadership, and relationship-building, to interior design, life coaching, and color certification! Splendor university offers training for your personal, professional, and spiritual growth.)




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