You’ve thought about it a thousand times. You’ve told yourself you’re going to do it…soon. You already have the basic, general concept. You even have some text written for this dream project that fills your heart. Yet the day gets away from you. Before you know it, the sun is setting on today, and rising on another. Then, a week has passed, and then a month. You look behind you and now the dream of writing and self-publishing your book is more than a year in gestation.image

I must ask you, if not now, them when? Not taking that step to actually do it only puts your future–and your important God-given vision–further away. I want to help you. I want to partner with you to make your dream of publishing that book a solid, exciting reality!

Self-Publishing is not for those who fear the giants in the land.  We all know that anyone can throw a “book” together. Most that are, look like they were! As a respected publisher out in the business and ministry arenas, I see it often. It’s really no different from the distant days of do-it-yourself training manuals, or the not-so-distant days of the easy-to-compile e-book. So many people today have taken that same approach to writing and publishing their book. There are those few who can pull it off so the quality is exceptional, but most don’t, and those in the know absolutely DO notice The novice at work.

I don’t think it’s because these authors don’t care or because they are OK with a low quality, and I’m sure it’s not because they are fine with a sub-standard product to sell at their events or in their speaking career. No person who cares wants to come of as unprofessional. I think for most people it’s a matter of not knowing how to navigate correctly through the encumbering, many-step process of writing, and especially correctly putting together and publishing a high-quality book that can be successfully marketing, and that the author can be very proud of. And YES, it can be a very daunting process if you’ve never navigated it  it before, or if you’ve not kept up with the many and often changes in the publishing arena.

In the publishing world, we know the difference between a novice attempt at a publication, and a well designed, professionally formatted and edited book. A self-published book can come across as so well done, no one will realize it is self-published!

I do think you should get help if you are self-publishing. You need the assistance of a reasonably-priced expert who will hold your hand through every step of the process without making you feel overwhelmed or inadequate. You need a mentor who will be very patient with you and who’ll make certain you don’t miss one important step–which unfortunately, many self-published authors do. What you DON’T need however, is the help of the “publisher” who has done one or two books, with very little blood, sweat, tears, research, and industry knowledge, who has not done them to correct standards, and who convinces you that they know the ropes. That wont do for your dream and your God-ordained vision.image

There are so many things you must know, you must not ignore, and you must pay attention to when you self-publish to stay above board, out of sticky situations, out of trouble, and into profitability. I’ve seen so many common mistakes and even troublesome practices in self-published books. Things most people don’t know or learn incorrectly, and its a serious problem. Don’t be a statistic. Don’t go it alone.

I love what I do! I help people clarify and move on the vision God has put in their hearts for their lives and for their important life-work. We are hear for a purpose much bigger than ourselves, and greater than money or power. Our calling is so important, and the book that is in your heart is part of that for you. I want to help you bring it fully and beautifully into existence, for others to blossom by.

I’ve helped thousands of individuals unfold their dreams and find the clarity to create lives that venture beyond mere success, into significance. That’s all part of our God-given calling.

Let’s partner together to make your dream of self-publishing a quality book a reality. The cost is quite reasonable. The Mentoring you get from me is top notch. The process is empowering and liberating. The friendship we form is exciting. The marketing help you receive us second to none.

There are a limited number of people I can work with in this way to help them bring their self-published books into being. Self-publishing is a great way to get your message to the world if you don’t have a traditional publisher, and you can’t afford the high-price of author services composites or vanity publishers. Let me help you navigate the process step by step, all along the way. It’s affordable, it’s exciting, and it can be highly promoting and profitable for you.

Work with me one on one with a series of 5 one hour phone calls that cater fully and totally to you, with my expertise of the necessary steps in the the many-stepped process of CORRECTLY self-publishing your book. The cost for 5 one-hour personally and fully customized mentoring and consulting sessions is just $997 for a limited time, and each call will be scheduled for your convenience and to cater to where you are each step in the process.

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