Faith is a working muscle. We don’t use it a few times and expect it to keep us in spiritual shape
any more than we’d expect one workout to keep us in good physical shape.
We MUST use our faith daily.
Fear and doubt will always try to visit us, regardless of whether our circumstances reflect good times or challenging times.
It’s fine to be honest with God and tell him your concerns or your fears, but don’t dwell there.
State them if you must, then quickly leave them at his feet.
The last thing we need to do when doubt and fear try to attack us is to go over and over and over the thoughts in our minds,
or frantically speak them out loud.
What He asks us to do is to lay them at his feet and then get up and thank and praise him.
Our praise is such a gigantic weapon. It’s hard to even express how valid and effective it is.
Never put up with taunts, terror, or the lies of the enemy. Get up and fight, and mean it!
You fight with your voice and with your rejoicing.
You fight with your thanksgiving.
You fight with your praise.
You say “This is the day that the Lord has made, and I WILL rejoice no matter what,
and I will determine and purpose to be glad in it no matter what the enemy tries to say.
I will dwell on what is good and what is SIMPLE.”
Endless questions lead to doubt and fear. The scripture tells us to avoid this pattern.
Instead, tell the devil where to go by being a ruthless fighter through thanksgiving and praise.
Say it like you mean it, even with force if you must,
and you will feel your spirit lift and your faith rise again!
We don’t always understand how simply praising and giving thanks (instead of questioning God through doubt and fear) can lift us out of the pit, but it does.
You can instantly transform through praise.
And if it’s worked for you once, it will work again.
If you’ve been joyful for five minutes you can be joyful for an hour.
If you’ve had one good day you can have one good week, or a good lifetime.
Don’t question why or how; just know He has ordained it through praise.
Sing & Give Thanks
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