What if you knew you had so much power, that you could just barely swing your glove at your opponent–not even hit him–and he’d go flying?


What if you knew the devices of your opponent are really so trivial, so weak, so insignificant, they are barely worth a laugh?  Yet you’ve been freaking out about them!


So often good people hunker down with their arms and hands over their heads, fearing scthe punches of the enemy.

Maybe you have done this too.

But, if you knew how weak the enemy really was, and how great your God really is, you would laugh at your own behavior. That enemy would not even bother you, no matter what words, rubber sticks, or paper stones were hurled at you (and no matter how big they seemed).

It does not matter what thoughts come to your mind or what fears arise: be they doubts about yourself, your life, or even about GOD–they are NOTHING!

They are just powerless thoughts.

Today I want to encourage you to stand up and say, Mighty is Our God!” 

sc-notForget ALL the rest. When you do that, GOD takes care of ALL the rest.

Make LIGHT of those lying thoughts. They are powerless! Give them no place of respect. Just scoff and laugh at them. Or . . . don’t even waste your time laughing!

Practice shooing them like a tiny little fly.

Then practice laughing at them.

Then just ignore them.

Never cower under them or make wide, freaked out eyes over them.

See them for the nothing that they are.


MIGHTY is our God!

BE Bold, BE Strong, for the Lord Our God is with YOU!

You can even SPEAK these words out loud with CONFIDENCE and BOLDNESS!

MIGHTY is our God!

BE Bold, BE Strong, for the Lord Our God IS with YOU!

Totally rest in that! God’s got this! So all you do is rest.


Today is the day to stand up strong, and not cower down under your enemy–who is just a bully by the way.  Get up, wash your face,  and move on. You are a champion, and victory is yours. Just speak it with power!

Don’t Fight! Just Stand Up to the Bully– He’s a Total Weakling
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