YOUR Jingle. . . All the Way!

Embrace YOUR Jingle. . . All the Way!

Do you ever have ideas that come to you so naturally and effortlessly, that you ignore or diminish them later because you don’t see their significance, or because you lack confidence and second-guess them?

Do you have those beautiful moments when it’s just you and God; when  He breathes a concept or thought into your heart so purely that you own it as if it’s already part of you?

Those are the gifts in life you don’t have to work for. They are imparted unto you! They are YOURS.

These are the “things” that you have a desire to implement, and can usually do so with ease (as God reveals the steps and provides the resources, which He absolutely does when you are on point).

confidence-reuseTherefore, don’t be afraid to do and be what’s in your heart.

I have come to understand so clearly that when you “hear” those things that come to you deep within–the ones that fully ring true–you can be confident to own them and to do them.

I spent so many years being “in the know,” being in popular business groups, and being involved with mastermind groups and with group coaching. The funny thing is, I was a lifestyle design consultant long before many people who are “experts” today were even out of high school or college (for those who went to college). Yet there was a part of me that hung out for someone else’s expertise or opinion…the one that would say I could “go ahead” with it.

Sure, I successfully implemented plenty of my own things, like you probably have too. But it’s the BIG things, the IMPORTANT things, the GIANT things, the MY CALLING things, or the REALLY AUTHENTIC things we tend to look to others for approval around, to give us a bit more confidence. If it’s out there in “expert” circles, then we can own it. If they are doing it (at least one of them), then we can. If they don’t think it’s odd, then we won’t.

Looking back, I should have just listened sooner to God, who had already gently and sweetly given me the powerful charge.

For YEARS I knew what my calling was, but I questioned the implementation of it so many times. I even told myself again and again, “I’m just not clear. I just don’t know for sure.” That was a lie.

I did know. But, it was sort of radical, and I liked being “normal.”

When I finally said, “I don’t care. I HAVE to be who I am even if I lose some friends and lose the respect of certain important people,” things changed; the gates swung open wide.

What about it? Have you become stunted, or have you been missing out on the joy of being true?  It’s not too late to be YOU now, and it’s definitely not too late to move on what you know you deeply feel to do. God has a tremendous assignment for you.

God is well able to speak to us. You can probably share from your own life the many times something was strongly on your heart, but you reasoned it away or brushed it off because it went against the mainstream business advice and life-design protocol.

In my own life, I have learned the value of moving on those things God placed within me, without apology and without fear. If that thing is good, lovely, and burning in your spirit, grab it with confidence and run with it.

You will find it so liberating to do what rings true for you, and to run your life, business, career, or ministry based on what you know has been gifted to you. God speaks in a still small voice, but not a silent voice. You CAN hear Him. Just shut out all the other “noises” that show up in forms like “What will others think of me,” “No one else does that,” “I’ll shrink my following down to nothing,” “I’ll be seen as weak,” or, “If I do that I won’t fit in.”

Be OKAY with that! Even those who “fit in” don’t really fit in. Another thing I have definitely learned and know for a fact is that most things are not as they seem, and most people’s lives (particularly the “showy” lives) are not what they appear. I’ve seen this in every area of my life and business over many years: in the design industry, in marketing, in coaching, in Christian circles, with people who seem “rich,” with people who seem “poor.” I’ve learned the “well-off” aren’t always that, and sometimes they just can’t make the payment on the things everyone thinks they already own!

The exhilarating truth is that God called you to a walk that is uniquely all yours, and perfectly fitted to who you are deep down in your heart of hearts. The second we embrace the courage to trust that and to welcome it, we begin to bloom and develop. When we begin to boldly walk it out and celebrate it, we thrive. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Today, your word is LIVE! Live the life God has called YOU to. It may look different from mine. It may involve some quirky thing. It may seem childlike, simple, or whimsically silly. Or, it may be highly intellectual and serious. The important factor is that it rings with a jingle that’s not an imitation; that jingle should come from YOUR custom set of bells! Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace YOUR Jingle. . . All the Way!

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Sniff Sniff! I Smell a Fabulous Work Environment & Greater Productivity!

Who doesn’t love a work space or home office that is well designed and motivates us to be wonderfully creative and highly productive?

Yet when creating an appealing and supportive work environment, we think of a comfortable and posture-correct desk and chair, colors and textures that help boost our productivity and creativity, cabinets and containers to help us stay clutter free, and accessories that are inspiring and beautiful, but we often fail to consider what an important part fragrance plays in an ideal work environment.



Our Work-Space Should Appeal to Our Sense of Smell

A work space can look and feel sensational in terms of great design and overall harmony, but it should appeal to all of our senses, and if its scent is less than good, the entire motivational impact and desire to be there can be lost in a flash. We have all walked into a space that didn’t smell fresh.  You just want to leave.

If you work from home, there’s a great deal of activity that can affect a home’s bouquet, such as people, pets, cooking, vacuuming, and even changes in the weather. Odors can sometimes accumulate in fabrics and porous surfaces, too.  In older homes especially, years of dust, animals, kitchen and laundry room use, and general family activity can have a cumulative negative effect.

Not Bad, but Not Inspiring Either

Often,  a work space doesn’t necessarily smell bad, but it’s just sort of flat. Since you are fabulous, this “flat-fragrance” is not good enough for your office!  You want fabulous, so your haven of creativity and productivity can encapsulate you in good feelings that inspire and invigorate.
You also want an environment where you can be focused and get really clear. Fragrance can refresh you and help elevate your mood at work. Sometimes we begin our work day feeling unmotivated, or we may be struggling with feelings and emotions that linger on from our “real lives”, or we may even be in a slump or fog, and we have trouble zeroing in on a task or making a decision. Fragrance can help by kick-starting the brain and offering a different neural-pathway for your thinking.

Research supports that fragrance does affect our mood, our productivity, and our feeling of well-being. Our sense of smell is directly tied to the area of the brain where emotions and memories come from (the limbic system). Research also shows that pleasant and desirable fragrances can improve work performance.

Clean & Purify the Air and Add Fragrance

To help boost your emotions and manage your moods during your work time, make an effort to purify the air and add fragrance in your office area.
You purify the air mainly through periodic “housekeeping” tasks such as vacuuming upholstery and draperies and sweeping to remove dust and pet hairs. Mopping will further remove particles you may not see with the eye. Then, special fabric sprays can be applied directly to upholstery and window treatments to ward off or even absorb “odor molecules” that tend to attach themselves to fabric fibers. You can also clean the air with the use of certain types of oil lamps that are designed to purify the environment.

Adding fragrance is the FUN part, and you can actually BOOST your business productivity this way. I am going to cover some basic fragrances and fill you in on how they can help your mood, your thinking, your creativity, and your work flow. I’ll also give you the 411 on easy ways to bring fragrance into your office so you can get starting SMELLING SUCCESS right away!

You Have Choices!

There are many invigorating fragrances to choose from for your office or work space, and each one listed here will definitely benefit your body andbrain. Keep in mind though, that aromas do affect different peeps in different ways, but generally speaking, here’s what you can expect from youroffice fragrances:

Peppermint will invigorate you. This scent actually helps stimulate the same area of the brain that controls wakefulness and gets us up each morning! Peppermint can also help increase your tendency towards physical movement—so hooray to peppermint if you are feeling a little sluggish or lacking in motivation.  It will help you get out of your fog as it increases your alertness.  By the way, it also enhances memory!

Cinnamon in the nostrils can actually cause you to be more alert and more prone to generating ideas, because is believed that the scent increases blood flow to the brain, feeding it with needed oxygen and glucose, two vital brain foods!  Cinnamon can also help you to recover from exhaustion and fatigue  while increasing your levels of attention and awareness.

Lavender will help relax you, and sometimes this is needed at work, especially if a client or your crazy (occasionally) life has got your tummy in a wad. It has been shown that exposure to the lavender scent works to decrease the heart rate. Lavender is an exceptional scent to use when you have to work but can’t because you are stressed or emotionally burdened. It puts your mind at rest. It also helps relieve some headaches. Lavender decompresses you so you can better focus.  Since it does relax, a little lavender goes a long way.

Lilac helps to improve memory and can also help with decision making.

Citrus (such as orange, lime, tangerine, grapefruit, and lemon) benefits you in several ways. Mostly, it will energize you and wake up your senses! It’s a good choice if you went to bed late the night before!  In addition, citrus scents are associated with and trigger feelings of happiness. This is the perfect scent to use when you want to call past customers or contact a colleague by phone for the first time. It lets your “friendly” out!  Citrus scents stimulate and uplift, helping you to break free from lethargy and giving you focus and clarity. Citrus helps concentration, which cuts down on mistakes in the work day. It has also been shown to help eliminate stress and even anxiety. These are certainly the scents that can lift your spirits in more ways than one!

Pine is a scent that helps us feel grounded and connected to the Earth and gives us a mental feeling of openness, which is great for business planning. It is both physically and mentally energizing. The fragrance also helps relieve muscle tension.

Woodsy and Musky scents (such as sandalwood, sage, and amber) help invigorate your mood and soothe feelings of irritation. They also help to lift feelings of depression. Some, such as sage, can help reduce stress by stimulating the production of serotonin. This helps your mind to unwind and relax which is vital creativity. In addition, these fragrances increase our sense of self-confidence and add to our feelings of being unique.  Such scents can really come in handy if you are ready to create your brand marketing, work on your Unique Value proposition (UVP), or write your “story”!

Rose will help you to relieve tension.  We all have days when we are feeling a little annoyed, irritable or disrespectfully challenged by others. That’s when you can sniff the fragrance of roses. The sweet, dreamy scent helps melt away mental tensions and can even diminish headaches. It is believed by some researchers that the fragrance of roses can help women in balancing the hormones.

Vanilla will help keep you from sugar cravings and munching on sweets after lunch (provided you did eat lunch), which in turn can save you from those blood sugar level spikes and crashes we often get from downing cookies late in the work day. Smelling vanilla gives us the sensory stimulation that actually consuming the sweets does, but without the mood swings! Vanilla also makes you feel happy in a relaxed way, good for talking with customers!

Bring It!

So there you have your lifestyle lesson on fragrances fitting for the work space. I’ll end with a simple quick list of ways to bring these fragrances into your work environment:

Fragrance oil lamps
Fragrance sticks
Fresh flowers
Fresh citrus fruit in a bowl
Air fresheners,
Specialty air conditioning filters
Add a second layer:
Flavored lipstick or lip balm
Hand lotion

What’s a favorite scent  or aromatherapy tip you enjoy while working?


It’s SIMPLE to be an Amazing Salesperson!

” Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

Recently, a small group of our family gathered at my house for dinner. I made baked ziti, spinach salad, and garlic bread, and served it with fresh fruit and red wine. For dessert, we enjoyed a lop-sided homemade vanilla cake with strawberry icing, topped with country vanilla ice-cream, while we watched football. We had a good time.

During dinner my dad shared memories of when he was a little boy, and how he bought a “dingy” boat for only $3.00 from a nice old man on his block, and he shared other fun and interesting stories.  The conversation, the food, and the evening were all so simple, yet we had such a good time.

It did not take BIG BELLS and WHISTLES to entertain us, or to cause our evening to be special, because we all felt cared about by one another, and we felt connected. We all knew—we felt—that we mattered to each other, and that made us happy.

It is good to reflect on the fact that it is never the “things” in life that bring us joy and happiness. Of course the foods we experience can be delicious, and some of the “toys” we like to buy and play with are loads of fun, but they are not the root cause of our contentment, and they are not, on the most basic (and the deepest) level, what gives our lives meaning.

O.K., O.K., but how does this relate to our customers?

Here’s how. No matter what you sell—be it a service or a product—you sell to PEOPLE, and people are emotional, relational, and dare I say spiritual beings. You cannot take the human component out of selling and expect to be a success. Likewise, you cannot focus on the human component just to be a success (bad motive here). The ONLY way to success in sales is to genuinely make a meaningful connection with prospects and customers as people first!

When you sincerely open up to your prospects and customers as people, they begin to matter to you. When people matter, the sales process takes on a new dimension, one in which a connection is being made between two or more people. With this approach, there is opportunity for you to care, and for others to feel cared about. Suddenly, your prospects know—they feel—that they matter, and that makes them happy.  Gaining sales (and new friends) for you becomes so much easier. It’s really that simple.

As a sales professional (and in a sense we are ALL in sales—even a nurse or a school teacher has “customers”) your goal is to do what you can to help your customers get what they want or need. The first step is making that human (emotional, relational, and even spiritual) connection, thereby letting them know that you have their best interests in mind. This comes well before the presentation portion of the sales process. Then, when you finally do present your offer (assuming you sell a service or product you believe is truly a benefit to others) you will do so with such amazing confidence, people will find it easy to buy.

It doesn’t take much to be an amazing salesperson. The bottom line is caring. Keep it simple and show you care, from the heart. Become fluent in kindness, connection, and wanting to help others, and over a reasonable amount of time (no “get rich quick”) your sales will skyrocket.

Here are a few examples of ways you show you care…

You show you care when:

  • you are respectful, kind, and polite
  • you really listen to what the customer is saying they want or need
  • you are attentive, supportive, and responsive to the needs of your customer
  • you allow your customer to complain without getting defensive
  • you ask your customer what they want or need
  • you determine to be a problem solver
  • you take the time to help your customer find and see their vision
  • you are willing to be flexible by offering more than one solution
  • you offer customers options they may not know they had (yes, add-on sales)
  • you do more than the customer asked you for
  • you go the extra mile without bragging that you went (or are going) the extra mile

Embrace this caring approach in life and in business. In doing so you also care about yourself, and you are able then to take care of your family, too. It doesn’t take much to be an amazing salesperson, and an amazing person to boot. It just takes a little caring. It’s that simple.

Have a wildly successful day,


Gutsy Leadership: You can be an “Almost” Leader, or You can Just Go Ahead and Lead!

Margo DeGange's Website Monday Message from Margo

“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.”  ~Tom Krause

What separates “almost” leaders from the real leaders in any field? Do you think it is talent? It is not (“almost” leaders can be quite talented). Do you think it is education? It is not (“almost” leaders are educated, too). Do you think it is money? Well, it is not (many leaders are self-made financial independents who started off dead broke). What is it then? What does it take to become a leader?

There is one simple quality that separates the leaders in any industry from the “almost” leaders (and from everybody else), and that quality is the tendency toward ACTION. Quite simply, leaders ACT.

Leaders seek results, so they know they must take action in order to do so, since absolutely no results can come from inactivity. Leaders are leaders because they are a step or two ahead (many great race horses win by just a nose). They get that extra step ahead because they are willing to take action.

What keeps “almost” leaders from taking action, from getting results?

Honestly, there are probably many things, but the most common and the most crippling (if you let it be) is fear.

The funny thing is that everybody, including the masses, the “almost” leaders, and the real leaders all have moments of fear, but real leaders know they must work through them. Fear is just another challenge to overcome—and overcoming fear is just another common thing we must do in a day, like brushing our teeth, putting gas in the car, or taking our clothing to the dry cleaners. We just do it!

The fear to ACT is often based on the fact that we may be navigating through unfamiliar territory, and that seems scary. We have an unusual idea, a great marketing strategy, or a clever concept, but we talk ourselves out of acting on it.  Guess what, though? Many great leaders have been in your very shoes many times before, and they acted. So can YOU!

The best any of us can do to deal with fear and uncertainty when we want to take action is to commit to preparing before we act (but don’t use preparation as a method of procrastination—at some point it is simply time to move) and then act with confidence, knowing that the more steps we take, the more experienced and confident we will become. That is what goes into the making of a leader.

Soon fear becomes simply “uncomfortable-ness”, and it becomes a staple in the life of a leader on-the-go. As I have said so many times before, you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Once you are, you will never let fear stop you from acting, and from seeing wonderful results.

I have to share with you the wise and glorious words from my cool and confident friend Ralph (Waldo Emerson, that is). He said so eloquently,

“Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage.”

Ralph is right on! Take courage! Fear will always loom on the sidelines. Your “Silly” ideas will always be giggled at by someone (who is undoubtedly afraid to make a step), and your gut sense to “move” will always be challenged by some scaredy-cat who’ll stay in the dark ages for a few months or years too long or by some snickering know-it-all who would love to make you feel you are not good enough. PHOOEY! As for YOU, just go ahead and be a leader. Take that step and act on your good sense that action precedes results, your unwavering understanding that confidence has nothing to do with feeling the sensation of fear. Just ACT, and greater confidence, excitement and glory will follow.

Now lead on!

Have a Wild Week of Courageous Action— No Matter How Seemingly Small,