Please Don’t Wait to Use Your Gifts!

I was thinking about this today, and I hope it will encourage you:

The people who have helped me the most in my personal life, and who have loved me and encouraged me the most, were not perfect.

The colleagues in my business who have inspired me, uplifted me, and rooted for me, were not perfect.

The mentors in my life who taught me, prepared me, built me up, and connected meaningfully with me were not perfect.

NONE of the people who made an impact in my life were perfect, yet their influence was extremely meaningful for me and to me.

I would really love to encourage you today with these words:

OK, so you are not perfect, neither am I, and neither is every person who is a change agent, a leader, a friend, a mentor, parent, business person, or a life-changing force who makes a difference in the lives of others.

PLEASE don’t wait until you figure it all out to begin. You never will (figure it all out, or begin– if that is your gifts4mindset). Don’t put off using your gifts. Just take the step. Or take more, bigger steps.

There are so many people who would LOVE an imperfect other–who actually cares–to step into their lives. That may very well be you.

Get Rich Quick!

Are you ready to GET RICH QUICK? Well just hold your horses.

This week we’re going to look at the concept of the get rich quick mentality, and next week, I am actually going to tell you just what it takes to literally GET RICH—the money kind of rich (but not necessarily as QUICKLY as those greedy money-spirits insist you should).

Everyone wants to GET RICH QUICK, and there are a mazillion experts ready to take your money and tell you how. But don’t blame them.

For every peep who tries to tell us how to get rich quick, there are a mazillion more peeps who want to know how to get as much money as FAST as they can, so they can finally be happy. With that frame of mind, unfortunately, few will ever experience true wealth or true happiness.

Before we go on, let’s put this money thing into perspective, so when we do get the cash, we will have the mindset that’s fit for it. Here’s what some wise folks like Ben, Momma T,  and Ralphy have to say…


Who is wise? He that learns from everyone. Who is powerful? He that governs his passions. Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody.   ~Benjamin Franklin

Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone to call their own.   ~Mother Teresa

We are rich only through what we give, and poor only through what we refuse.   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

To be able to give away riches is mandatory if you wish to possess them. This is the only way that you will be truly rich.   ~Muhammad Ali

That man is rich whose pleasures are the cheapest.   ~Henry David Thoreau

He who is contented is rich.   ~Lao Tzu

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.   ~W. C. Fields

I receive a ton of spam every day. Much of it offers to help me get out of debt or get rich quick. It would be funny if it weren’t so exciting.   ~Bill Gates

Think and grow rich.   ~Napoleon Hill

I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.   ~Oprah Winfrey

There are people who have money and people who are rich.   ~Coco Chanel


Why do these super stars talk about riches this way? Because being RICH first and foremost has NOTHING to do with money! It has everything to do with the way you live your life and the happiness you feel every day. To get rich, you have to first stop thinking about money, and start thinking about what drives you with excitement and passion.

This is exactly why I am a business and Lifestyle Designer. It is my mission to help others live lives of fullness and true purpose, the kind of lives that look and feel wealthy in a variety of ways, not just in terms of money!  In your life and in your work, you can be rich every day in every way! Lifestyle design is about CHOICES and MINDSET!

I am RICH. I live my life with a mindset that is positive and that also draws me to amazing opportunities where I can connect with and help others in very significant ways. I have total freedom, and I can set my own schedule. My life affords me many exceptional experiences, and I have had the privilege of getting to share time with some extraordinary people. I have traveled to some wonderful places like Maui, Kauai, (Hawaii), Trinidad, England, France, Canada, Jamaica, and Mexico to name just a few. I have stayed in the finest hotels and eaten at world class restaurants many times over.  I have been invited to places and events some people only dream of going.  I have purchased clothes and shoes that made me feel very privileged.  I have experienced many crazy and adventurous activities, too. Yet those things are NOT what make me rich.

Why I am RICH

I am RICH because I am able to fully enjoy every moment of my life, and I am RICH because I have a clear purpose for living. I know who I am and why I am here, and every day in my life and in my work I live that mission and calling.

Yes, I have definitely experienced the finer things of life, but I have also found absolute joy, wealth, and clarity of purpose in the simplest things as well. I’ve sat with a friend who was horribly sick, and held her hand as she painfully recovered. I helped bring a baby into the world. I was in the room when a very dear loved one passed away, and I’ve dined fabulously on almost nothing with people who had very little food to share.  I’ve visited complete strangers in the hospital, and held onto faith myself when I thought I was going to die. I’ve stayed up all night with feverish children, and prayed for my puppy that miraculously came through.  I sat in a baby pool with a home-made (but fabulous) cocktail, and enjoyed sailing in an old rickety boat.  I’ve played battleship in the car with my honey on a frosty cold night at the lake as we sipped on hot cocoa, I’ve shared a burger with a pal when there wasn’t much cash, and made chicken and dumplings for 30!


Wealth and being RICH is a quality of being. It’s really all about who you are as a person and what makes you happy, and what you offer to others! That must come from within because unless it starts there no amount of money will bring you joy! Once you own that, you can confidently design the business of your dreams, based around your calling and your passion.


My passion—what drives me every day of my life—is empowering others to find their unique gifts and calling and use them to create over-the-top lives and businesses. I would do this for free. It is who I am.

For you it may be designing and creating super stylish interior spaces, or mentoring others to rise to the top, or helping people to get well and strong and energized, or it may be informing and entertaining your tribe through exciting seminars and special events. Your passion may be connecting with clients in the selling situation because you know you are changing their lives in unprecedented ways through the exceptional products that you sell.

To GET RICH QUICK, quit thinking that RICH means just money, and get a brand new mindset. You must be RICH well before you will ever see the first shiny dime of your small business fortune. Then, you will be well-prepared to receive the money, the actual CASH,  that is certainly yours for the taking!

Have a wealth mentality. In every instance of every day, live like you mean it.  Do business like you love it. Create like you are excited about it. Meet people like you care. Connect like you have a purpose. Savor each moment like it matters. Enjoy every event (big or small, simple or elaborate) as if you are attending the King’s ball. Then, see if you don’t discover just how rich you really are. THAT kind of RICH does happen QUICKLY! It’s simply a mindset.

AT THAT POINT you can begin to make the leap to GAIN FINANCIAL WEALTH, and this money-kind of getting RICH starts with your decision to drop a very dangerously deceptive mentality—the one that says you can be successful without working a plan or without putting a reasonable amount of time and consistent effort into your business.

More on that next week, when I’ll share with you the HOW so you can get the CASH in your business (because that’s loads of fun too)!  Stay tuned, and in the meantime…

Please share something about your own life that makes you KNOW you are rich today!


Have a Wild Week of Riches!


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Create a Magnificent Life and Business “On Purpose”, Part 3 of 3

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. ~Edward de Bono


Here is our final segment on Making a Leap Towards Creativity (revised excerpts).  The words relate to creating a life on purpose.

Now that you have all three segments right here on , you may want to print them out so you can read them any time you want to re-focus and put things into perspective. Business and life can get really crazy sometimes, and it’s nice to stop and re-orient ourselves to what really matters!

I believe these thoughts will help you live a prosperous and meaningful life, do your work “on purpose”, and help make a difference every day in your life, your business, and with the people you know and influence!

Last week we left off just before Synthesize Ideas, so let’s pick it up from there, and continue on all the way until we finish off with Create with a Better Future in Mind!

Synthesize Ideas

Brainstorming and creativity involves combining ideas, often connecting ideas that would not normally be thought of together. I have personally made it a point in my work to take concepts from one area and fit them into another. For me, combining ideas is a practice, and a way I have learned to think.

In your work, you can do that too. You may be passionate about many things but find you dilute your message, your focus, and your time investment by being too segmented. The goal in synthesizing is to find a common denominator—a way to pull all that you do and all that is important to you into a cohesive whole from which you communicate, live, work, and reach out to others.

I have several businesses that together form the DeGangi Group. Although these are distinct areas and niches, they all work together as a positive whole. They synthesize into one BIG idea, that of personal and professional growth for true, authentic, and passionate living, and creating environments that fully support that mindset.

Create a Personal Culture

I believe that the culture you live by, and resonate with—the culture you personally create (not your ethnic culture) — is the driving force behind the combining and synthesizing of every aspect of your life. Your Personal Culture involves:

●Your beliefs
●Your attitudes
●Your thoughts
●Your words
●Your language
●Your spirituality
●Your value system
●Your goals
●Your actions
●Your practices
●Your ways of communicating and expressing
●Your social activity

Your Personal Culture is an integrated pattern of the knowledge you hold, and it can support a myriad of ideas, innovations, designs, projects, thinking, and accomplishments. Your personal culture that you design is the mastermind that seamlessly ties together everything in your existence.

Visualize What You Want with Detail

When I was 18 years old, I read a book called Psycho-Cybernetics. That book was masterful to me. The ideas it laid out were commanding, and they changed my life. I learned I could visualize things before they happened. I could see it, and therefore experience it.

The night after I read the book, I went bowling with a group of friends. I was determined to put my newly found theory into practice. So I decided to visualize myself as an exquisite bowler. I visualized my arm swinging back and coming forward to release the ball. I visualized the ball rolling down the alley. Then, in my imagination, the pins all fell down. I did this mental routine in my mind just after I stood up to take my turn; it took about 10-15 seconds (I had to exercise patience and self-discipline to visualize it). The result was that I bowled the best game of my life, and everyone was extremely impressed. I became an instant believer in visualizing exactly what I wanted so that those things could become a reality for me!

So how can we apply this to our lives and businesses, and to creating exactly what we want?  The answer is that we make it a practice to visualize—with positive emotion attached to the images—the things we want to actually experience in our lives.

I am a strong believer in creating mental pictures and mental movies that work to implant the map of right actions firmly into my subconscious mind. By taking time to “daydream”—to give my mind great visuals and wonderful emotions to go with them—I am setting the stage for my success, and giving my brain the direction and fuel it needs to get me where I want to go.

In addition to visualizing my desires, I speak as though I already own them, because in a spiritual sense I already do, and that is all that matters!  I am just waiting to see the actual manifestation in the physical realm. Pipe dream? NO. Belief is the first positive action we must take to create happy, productive, inspiring lives!

You won’t hear me saying things that position me in a place of weakness, lack, or defeat, things like “Someday, when I have enough of ______ I’ll get to do ______”.  Instead I say, “What do I want, and what do I need to do to have it?”  I know that the desires of my heart are pure, and that I have a right to them simply because they are springing forth from my heart.  I know without a doubt that all that I prosper in will empower me to do great works that help others!

Next, I go on to act out the life I want whether or not the feelings are there. I act first, and “feel like it” later.  This is a great practice for all of us, because it is a practice of faith! For example, if you want to be a professional speaker, you would first get some training. Then, you would begin to think of yourself as a professional speaker (even while you are getting the training), and you would behave like one, too. Eventually, you WILL feel like one, and others will treat you like one since you command it.

The same principle applies to happiness. If you want to be happy, you should behave in a happy way. Then at some point, you will feel happy. Soon, you will feel happy most all of the time!  Of course things may then come along that try to disturb this happiness. No worries. Your job is simply to say “no” to those disturbances.

Without a doubt, our thoughts create our reality!

Make Use of Fantasy

Using fantasy as a tool is a practice I have enjoyed since I was a child. Through fantasy, people like Ben Casey (if you’re over 40 you might know who he is) and Superman often hung out at my house. Benjamin Franklin and I have walked down the street together, and he, along with Sojourner Truth and a few others, have come to one of my parties. The right kind of fantasy will generate amazing ideas and put you in a great mindset, but fantasy is not necessarily about things you know could never really happen. Some fantasies take seed with the sole purpose of being born. It all has to do with desire and a deep longing to experience greater things.

I journal a lot, and my journals all involve crafting a life I have yet to attain, and expressing ideas that have yet to come to full fruition. I write these thoughts out because to me they are as real as if they were materialized. There is no difference to me except that the reality can be experienced tangibly. The joy of visualizing what I want is as exciting and fulfilling to me as is getting it! Interestingly enough, when I go back and look at past journals, it is clear that I have actualized almost all of the things that were written down.

I have used fantasy to establish and reach goals, and to expand my thinking. I have visualized myself sailing the world, designing huge office buildings in New York City, mentoring individuals through undesirable situations, having fun with my kids, enjoying an exciting life with my husband, becoming well known nationally in my trade, getting jobs, getting clients, getting a position on the board of directors of an organization, establishing a collaborative forum for women entrepreneurs, and enjoying success as a writer. I have fantasized about having conversations with important and influential people, and having lunch with Wayne Dyer.

Fantasy is just another reality. It is not tangible; you cannot touch a hard surface in the world of fantasy. Yet, because fantasy is a life created by thought, it is real, and it exists. I have learned more in this world than in the one we can all see and feel. One of the benefits of fantasy is that it actually brings many of those things you desire into existence in your “real” life. This has happened for me many times.

Make use of fantasy as a tool for a greater life.

Allow Movement and Noise!

Creativity is motion. Motion is fluid. Creativity is also animated. It has life. Life moves and life makes sound.

My thoughts are alive. It only makes sense that during the creative process the body shows movement and projects sound. All of the ideas that are swarming around in the brain need a path to move on.

I think doodling is motion, and I think it is noise. It is a way to help us process our thoughts as living things. As you write or sketch or think or create, if there is a pen in hand, funny and unusual marks will manifest onto your paper. This is natural, and it is fitting.

Creativity is not static or inanimate. It is not motionless or unexpressive. You can see thoughts, feel them, and hear them. They are alive!  Welcome this movement and noise.

View it in a Different Way

I find it fun and challenging to look at a common object or idea in a new and different way. This is the basis of innovation. One day, long ago, someone tore a little hole in the top of a plastic lid on their coffee cup, and suddenly a whole new world opened up for coffee cup lids and coffee drinkers alike, because the same old object was seen with new eyes.

This concept works well with people, too. I have been married for over 23 years. I look at my spouse with new eyes fairly often. It makes our marriage exciting and fun.  My love for my husband deepens when I do this. On the other hand, when I get stuck in a rut and see him in one way, as a person that is not dynamic and new, I behave differently towards him. Our relationship suffers, not because he has changed, but because I have become stagnant in the way I look at him.

Whenever you can, take an objective look at life, at people, and at your work. You may discover things you never knew were there, and you may land on an idea the world is desperately waiting for.

See Beyond, to what is Inside

Seeing “beyond” is essential for expressive creativity. Seeing the “inside” involves your emotions and your intuition more than it involves information, processes, and tasks.

Going beyond the mere surface when thinking about problems or when facilitating new ideas is the essence of creativity. What is hidden becomes important. What is not seen becomes significant for new and innovative thoughts and positive outcomes. Some of your deepest innovativeness is embedded within you, waiting under layers of common thought.

Be willing to take something apart and view it from all sides. Apply the effort to look at problems from a whole new vantage point. What actual, decisive steps can you take to make a positive change?  If a certain strategy has not worked in the past, why should you do more of it or why should you use that same strategy but with minor adjustments? What if you look for a totally new and better strategy? What if you erase the old way of thinking and doing things, and search for something completely different?  I’m just saying, “what if”?

In my own life, so many of my most powerful thoughts and inventiveness have been repressed and compacted by common and routine thinking. I often have to crawl out from under this mound of the ordinary to find a new light. Then it can shine on my mind to reveal a more creative way of “seeing” and processing the information in front of me.  I need to look beyond as part of the creative process.  Often this requires “relaxing the mind” and letting go of your normal way of thinking. That’s when you enter “the “beyond”, and that’s where higher thinking just flows!

Broaden and Extend the Boundaries

Sometimes creative thinking involves walking on new ground. You may not always have footsteps to follow, or mentors to guide you.  At times you may be faced with situations where a new idea or a new way of thinking is essential, and setting yourself apart or meeting a challenge means coming up with “a color that has never been imagined” so to speak. This is the hardest part of creativity.

Everything does not have to come from you. As a matter of fact, a great deal of it won’t!  Many of your inspirations may initially spring forth from the minds of others, and even small improvements or changes to another’s ideas or thoughts can help you to solve problems or see a better way, or allow you to grow both professionally and personally.

Sometimes extending the boundaries means tapping into that ultimate mastermind—the mind that is all thought.  I really do believe that so much of creative thinking, if not all of it, is simply about tapping into the source mind, the energy source. Isn’t it interesting that some of the inventions we enjoy today were created by several people at the same time? There were people in history who were writing down their ideas at the same moments in time that others were writing down those same ideas. The only difference is that someone made it into the public eye first. The creative mastermind though, was there for all to tap into.

Maybe there is nothing new under the sun.  Maybe then, new ideas originate not under the sun, but above it, where the mastermind resides. I have access to this mind, and I can line up with it at will, tune in so to speak. Then, rather than striving to grasp for creativity, I let it simply come to visit me.

Allow Humor to Come; Welcome and Befriend it

Good humor is born of positive thought. Laughter and humor are natural medicines produced by the apothecary of a creative mind.

I personally embrace humor. Humor comes to me from my creativity, and humor breeds more creativity in me. Humor is alive and exciting. Humor has helped me to cope with pain and sadness and low self-esteem. Humor has helped me to not see myself as more important than I really am. Humor makes me human.

Playfulness too is part of my personality.  It allows me to be free and unencumbered. It helps me to relate to others, and it allows them permission to relate to me. It is a way that I can communicate to mere strangers the understanding that I am just like them. We share common experiences.

Humor is one of the easiest ways to connect to strangers without infringing on the line of privacy or personal space.

Having a sense of humor keeps the mind clear and unobstructed. It is like having a clean bloodstream. Emotional disease cannot breed easily in the soul of one who has a sense of humor. Where laughter and lightheartedness are present, emotional health and creativity are given a safe environment on which to grow.

Create with a Better Future in Mind

The point of creativity, of problem solving, of new ideas, of invention, of innovation, is for someone to experience them in a useful and life improving way. This is futuristic thinking. We bring productive thoughts into the physical realm in the form of workable products, ideas, solutions, art, and literature, for example, so that people, including you and I, can experience their benefits. The thoughts are nice, but the manifestation of creative thinking is the actual fruit that others actually get to enjoy.

Creation is POSITIVE! True creativity is about positive outcomes, and it does no intentional harm-ever. Sure, there are imposters to creativity, but the true creative process has good as its goal. All others are fakes!  The vision of a better future for humanity is absolutely tied to creativity. All creative energies and pursuits are substantiated by the belief that we are creating a better future for others and ourselves.

I can see a better future. I see it as if it actually exists. This drives my efforts everyday. This is why I never get tired of accomplishing new things. Life is a process, not a destination. There will always be a future. I can experience the things I create as I travel along the way. I am experiencing today what I helped to create yesterday. That is exciting to me. That makes me feel alive. I am part of the future, my future, and I help to create it.

Your future is waiting.  Start today to envision it and then create it!

Have a Week of Purposely Creating a Better Future for All!


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Create a Magnificent Life & Business “On Purpose”, Part 1 of 3

True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.   ~Helen Keller

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.   ~Wayne Dyer

Tonight I want to share with you some revised excerpts from my previous writings on Making a Leap Towards Creativity. I say revised because I have edited out a lot of the text and mingled in a few of my “today” thoughts.  The words relate to creating a life on purpose. These thoughts stem from my own journey and my own need to be purposeful and to make my life matter, and I thought you might find them helpful as you navigate your own life and business journey.

It Doesn’t “Just Happen”

Living a happy and meaningful life, and running a profitable business that is “on purpose” doesn’t just happen. It’s not like all you have to do is have a desire to make something great happen in your life. You first must get your mindset right, or at least lined up fairly well. Next, you must be able to see and recognize the opportunities that are woven throughout your life and businesses, identify the GOLDEN ones, and act on them with right direction, focus, and clarity.

This message is not a specific “how to” message. Instead it is my thoughts in no particular order that will help you to see the thinking I followed towards my own success. I am always growing and I will never “arrive”, but I always purpose to be aware, clear, intentional, and focused in everything I do, which leads to greater and greater success.

It’s All About What YOU Personally Have to Offer

Creating a life on purpose starts with you. You are unique for a reason. There is deep significance in the fact that your personality, style, skills, and life experiences are identifiably yours. Recognize that you are a creative being and one of a kind, and let your own personal creativity and uniqueness give way to a beautiful life. No one else can be you, or make YOUR contribution to this world. That is your distinctive calling, and others can be better off because of it!

You Are NOT Your Past, and You Are NOT Alone

In my opinion, the best indicator of future behavior is NOT past behavior. The best indicator of future behavior is whether or not someone can ignite an interest or a passion within his or her own heart that is intrinsically tied to purpose, and create a plan for definitive action.

Sometimes this involves the help of another. Skilled and experienced mentors who care can make a huge difference for someone when it comes to making a leap for a new idea, an inspiring dream or belief, or a better way of life.

Don’t Stand in Your Own Way

I am a very independent person.  Autonomy is something I greatly prize, but there was a time in my life (and occasionally these times spring up again) that I had to be willing to subdue my will and submit myself to a person or a process, and relinquish a certain amount of control in order to gain more. The training, mentoring, education, and experience that got me to where I am today took time and discipline, and it absolutely took a certain amount of “letting go.”

Generate an Array of Options, and Let Ideas Flow from Other Ideas

I absolutely think of myself as an idea person and an innovator—as an out-of-the-box thinker, but I know I was not born that way.  These are learned skills.

When I am thinking about new direction or a new idea, or when I am looking for a solution to a problem or challenge, I pull from everywhere possible, and I put all of my possible resources, options, and alternatives in the “brainstorm bucket”.

I also don’t ignore an idea because it seems bizarre, unsound, basic, “out there”, too simple, too deep, crazy, or silly. I know that other ideas may grow from that one. I learned a long time ago to write all of my very creative thoughts down on paper. I have written on paper cups, bathroom tissue, and my leg. I don’t want to lose an idea.

I’ve also learned that if you brainstorm, and write out all of the ideas that come to your mind, you may find that the ones you wrote down towards the end of your list are some of the better, more original ideas. They were deeper down in your creative process. That is why it is a good idea to keep writing even when you think you have run out of ideas.

Enjoy Change

I love change. I actually thrive on it (THAT, I WAS born with)! This is a great thing in my opinion, because the only constant we can depend on is that things will change. The very essence of being alive is change. Cells change, our bodies change, our relationships change, our thoughts change, and the culture changes, too. Today for example, our business climate changes every nano-second, and NONE of us know on any given day even a fraction of what’s going on everywhere, so breathe a big sigh of relief, you are not alone. It’s all good!

Learn to enjoy change even if you know you cannot always stay on top of it. We should not stress with fear that we cannot keep up, but we should be ever learning, growing, and changing to meet new challenges and to offer new, useful, and appealing solutions to the needs and challenges of others.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is the willingness to consider, try, or even embrace new ways of being, doing, possessing, thinking, behaving, reasoning, systematizing, recreating, communicating, and living. You must always be open to what is not coming from your own head. If you want profitable change, meaningful improvement, and new levels of success, you won’t get them from what you already know and do, unless you have already “arrived” (and who has?).

Being flexible causes you to open up to the inputs of others in your life, and this helps you to get to where you need and want to go, and often more quickly than you had imagined!  So, the buck does not stop here (well, your bucks might if you are not open to the wisdom of others).

Being flexible is an exercise of the will, the heart, the mind, the spirit, the emotions, and the actions, and it is always an exercise that you must practice and keep sharp. As you get older and become immersed in responsibilities, you can begin to let your structure and routine take away from your flexibility.  Stay open and be flexible

O.K. I am Going to STOP Here, but THE BEST is Yet to Come! 

For now, that’s plenty for all of us to reflect on.  I will continue this message next Monday, beginning then with “Embrace Originality”, so stay tuned!  There’s a lot more to Creating a Magnificent Life and Business “On Purpose”.

Have a Week of Purposely Creating What You Really Want!


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For the Love of Money: A Formula to Get Rich!

Margo DeGange's Website Monday Message from Margo~

“Man was born to be rich or inevitably to grow rich through the use of his faculties.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

None of us were born to be poor, to struggle, and to lie awake at night worrying about money. None of us were born with amazing gifts not to share them with others who desperately need what we have to offer. We all want to make money. Most of us want to make MORE money. WHY? Are we greedy and selfish? Of course not!

Today, just making ends meet takes a lot of money: Rent or mortgage, utilities, car payment or repairs, insurance, vehicle registration, gas, groceries, kids, repairs, clothing, and all of the other expenses of life—not to mention business— cause us to have to earn more and more.

Then there is savings and investment for the future so we can live then somewhat the way we live now—so we don’t have to open cans of cat food for din-din.

I personally want to make good money in my business—not to just slither by, but to fully enjoy my life and my free time. I also want to make more money so I can have more of that free time to enjoy.

I love to entertain, and that takes extra money. I love to sail now and then, and that takes money. I love to visit different places around the world, and that takes money. I love to help others, and that takes money. I love to do special things for my honey, since he is so good to me, and when my kids were young I enjoyed taking them to Legoland, Disney World, and Universal Studios, and I loved giving them fun (and not too extravagant) parties for their birthdays.

Let’s be honest. The way the “system” is set up, if you want to do fun and adventurous things beyond just paying the bills, and if you want to help others and contribute to those in need, it takes money. Sure, there are plenty of things we can do for free, but even free can cost us in gas, food, and time off work. The things you and I personally want to do cost money.

It’s clear. We need money if we want to live beyond the basics, help those less fortunate, and have a little fun and excitement other than watching re-runs of The Nanny. So we have to either make money in our work, or attract it in some other way. Having more money is what we all want, and that is a good thing.

I like money. I think money is cool. Money happens to be my friend, and I respect money. Years ago if I saw a penny on the ground (I may have already told you this, so hear it again), I would pass it by since “it’s just a penny”, especially if I were walking with someone else. How embarrassing that would be to stop and bend over just to pick up a penny.

Not so anymore. Today, I will gladly pick up any penny that is lying around. If I see one on the street—whether I am alone or with a friend—I pick it up, raise it up, and quietly say “abundance” because that was money that just gravitated to me. I attracted it, and I respect that money.

Respect money, but more importantly, respect the fact that YOU have the capabilities and the smarts to make lots more money than you are making now. You need to make more money! In your business you NEED customers to make money. There is no way around it. Having a fabulous product or service is NOT enough. People must be AWARE that you have it. That is where your marketing comes in, and marketing is something you must do every single day or the sales will absolutely dry up.

Making money in your business is not hard, but it takes commitment and consistency. Most small business owners make the commitment but lack the follow through and consistency. They do some activity and make a little today, then they rest for a few days, weeks, or even months, and consequently wonder why business is a struggle.

You can make more money. Let’s start with this:

First, DECIDE that you want to make more money in your business.

Next, DECIDE that you deserve to make more money in your business.

Then, DECIDE that you can make more money in your business because you do have what it takes.

Finally, DECIDE to commit to making more money in your business, and that means committing to gaining more and better customers through good marketing and selling.

Now that you have decided, it is time to take action—to put the time where your mouth is (said lovingly, of course). Here is my simple formula of how to spend your time in your business so you can make the kind of money you want and deserve, so you can live the lifestyle you desire, instead of working just to pay bills and make ends meet. Feel free to adjust this formula a bit here and there, but do not stray too much from the percentages.

Let’s say you personally work 40 hours a week in your business right now, with 2 weeks off per year (as you grow your business you can put less time in and take more weeks off).

Of that 40 hours, invest:

•20 hours (50% of your time) each week of YOUR time marketing and selling. This includes things like promotional events, seminars, trunk shows, phone calling, teleseminars, and consultations, etc.

•10 hours (25% of your time) each week of YOUR time making or perfecting your products and services, making them more amazing.

•6 hours (15% of your time) each week in administration and management. DELEGATE the rest.

•4 hours (10% of your time) each week in training for yourself and your team! That means you can take about 48 minutes each day to better yourself through research, reading, studying, etc, or accumulate some of this time so you can attend trade shows and conferences.  You can hire someone to be in charge of your employee training to free up your time.

3 BONUSES for the SERIOUS Business owner:

1. Work one EXTRA hour each day while you are growing your business (so you can take more time off later when it is more prosperous) and use that for MARKETING ONLY.

2. Work one EXTRA half hour each day while you are growing your business (so you can take more time off later when it is more prosperous) and use that for SELF-IMPROVEMENT and SELF EDUCATION ONLY. You can use this time daily to build on your strengths, to learn better marketing and selling techniques, or you can accrue it and use it for business growth seminars, personal coaching and mentoring sessions, or conferences that will help you grow. 

3. Hire others to do marketing all week, selling all week, creating and perfecting your products and services all week, and taking care of the busywork all week.

So there it is, your money-making formula for success. Don’t waste another minute. Start making more money in your business NOW!

Have a Wild Week of Money-Making,


Education: The Road Less Traveled, and the Fuel that Wins the Race!

Margo DeGange's Website Monday Message from Margo

A Warm Happy Birthday to my Husband of 22 Years:  Happy Birthday Honey. I Love You!

Now, on with the show….

Education: The Road Less Traveled, and the Fuel that Wins the Race!
In light of Designers’ Camp, the TOTALLY FREE online event for entrepreneurs and Interior Design industry professionals that starts tomorrow and runs through Thursday (and by the way, you must sign up if you haven’t already. You do not want to miss this–, I thought I’d share an article with you that I wrote a while back, on the incredible power of education!

Education: The Road Less Traveled, and the Fuel that Wins the Race

If your business is the vehicle for success, then education is the road on which it should travel, and the high octane to thrust the vehicle forward. Education is not for every business owner in our industry-although it should be. Education takes time, costs a little bit of money, requires concentration, and insists on action. However, education is also fun, enlightening, inspiring, and exciting, and, it is ABSOULUTELY necessary for a business owner-large or small-who insists on high performance. There is NOTHING that can substitute for quality business education and training. Business education is the road to greater sales and profits, and the gas to get you there!

Education is a Powerful Force that, in the right hands, can plow through barriers and knock down the road blocks to personal and business success. Industry education is not simply the knowledge to provide your customers with the kinds of products and services they want and need, but it is the very power to understand how your customers think, behave, and ultimately, how they buy. Education is an investment in the fuel of personal and professional development-the force to succeed.

Education is your Competitive Edge against loss of sales to savvy competitors and customers with buying objectives. Quality education from experienced, industry leaders greatly reduces the learning curve.

Education Provides Solutions to some of the industry’s toughest challenges. Through education you can understand the sales process, choose marketing strategies that really work, and even create, maintain, and inspire effective sales teams as you build your organization. It gives a road map to follow to provide ground-breaking solutions to your clients, as well.

Education is Value. The value of education is not what you pay for it in real dollars. The value of education is the opportunities it opens up for you-opportunities to reach goals and make higher profits, and opportunities for a richer quality of life.

Education is the Road we Must Travel to Succeed. It involves mastering specific skills sets and distinct areas of knowledge; it entails embracing opportunities for learning- opportunities for better and more effective managing, communicating, selling, mentoring, advertising, marketing, recruiting, and training. Education is broad, yet it is also focused, it is strategic and restricted at times, narrowing in on specific business developmental roadways for greater success.

Education is not for the Feeble Minded. This is a serious industry. Our businesses matter. Gone are the days that we can rest on our business bottoms and still manage to stay in the game. Fierce competition, savvy customers, changes in consumer buying patterns, and an array of shopping alternatives means we have got to get on track and educate ourselves. Learning from those who have gone before us, coupled with learning from forerunners who are innovative and successful, means that for pennies on our education dollar, we can be fueled up, tuned up, and revved up to win the race.

Have a Wildly Educational Week,
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