“The Power of Your Words Can Change Everything!” ~Margo DeGange



Margo DeGange Is a Business & Lifestyle Designer, Adult Learning & Motivation Specialist, and Content Marketing Expert, Committed to Helping Others Live Meaningful, Successful, and Significant Lives.

HERE’s What Others Are Saying About Margo DeGange and Women of Splendor:



“Margo DeGange is the ultimate in supporting and encouraging others!” ~Debbie Saviano, www.DebbieSaviano.com


Margo DeGange is a brilliant woman with a powerful purpose. Her passion to lift and support women in their personal and professional journeys was truly evident at the Women of Splendor Conference. She magically transformed the place into an enchanting venue and offered several opportunities for amazing business women to connect with one another… high level attendees walked away with valuable information to guide them in their endeavors. Margo is a selfless, endearing, positive leader, taking time to shine the spotlight on those who made personal discoveries…I strongly encourage you to call Margo to get to know her and at the very least, attend her next event!” ~Alicia White, president, Back of the Room Productions


 “As a SPEAKER, Margo is highly motivating as she shares how to become successful in business. If you need a first-class speaker, event planner or networking expert, I recommend Margo without hesitation!”   Margo DeGange is a true entrepreneur with a servant’s heart. Her “Women of Splendor” is an exceptional organization that provides connections, education and encouragement for women business owners. Her quarterly Women of Splendor 4 Seasons Events are first-class productions, combining relevant professional development with a day of fun. ~Susan Tolles, The Flourishing Life


“Wow.  The Women of Splendor was truly amazing; more than I expected and helped me learn so much about myself as a person and as a business owner.  I have the rest of the dates for the year already on my calendar to make SURE I dont miss any of them.  Margo – you are a true blessing – am so thankful we have connected.~ Sam May, Business Networking Professional  


Since deciding three yrs. ago that I was going to be serious about building my interior design career, I’ve greatly struggled. Having worked with several marketing coaches, there was always something still missing for me; the direction I was going in didn’t feel right. Then I came across Margo’s Certified Interior Enviornment Coaching program. I knew immediately after listening to her explain it on a teleseminar, that it was for me.   I was also working with another marketing coach at the same time and when that was completed I still didn’t feel right. While I wasn’t about to give up, I knew that was never going to get me where I needed to be going.  Then Margo came into my sights again, luckily for me. Since working with Margo for the last several months, I can honestly say I FINALLY have clarity for my business going forward and I can’t express enough how good and right it feels. To have no more doubt and confusion is like having 100 lbs. lifted from my shoulders.  I feel excited and full of ideas. Mostly, I know in my heart that I’m being authentic to myself and the gifts I have to share with the world and my ideal clients.

Margo has been blessed with many gifts herself which she generously shares with her students. She is heart-centered and has such integrity with herself and anyone she works with. Beyond that she knows all the ins and outs of successfully marketing a business. Best of all, she honors your trust.  I would recommend Margo to anyone who’s also heart-centered and wants a successful business on their own terms; to be passionate about giving and receiving true abundance in this world. ~Nancy Meadows, Interior Designer,  http://www.NancyMeadowsDesigns.com


“Having many interests & responsibilities, I often stayed overwhelmed with too many choices and not enough progress. Then, I met Margo. In just a few short meetings, Margo helped me to get quickly to the core of the 3 most important things I needed to achieve in my life and business in order to have personal, soulful fulfillment and success. The process was fast, clear and powerful . I am happy to say that EVERY desire came into my life greater than I could have imagined. Far, far greater. And fast, too.Within 30 short, committed days. I am overjoyed at the results. Pinching myself, actually.  I am enchanted, clear and on track.” ~Carol Conlee, Business Owner, Designer, and Event Facility Owner, Central Texas


“Often the most amazing information and connections come unexpectedly! That is certainly the case with my recent introduction to an absolutely powerful group of women at a recent Women of Splendor event! My wife invited me to attend with her and I was so very glad I did! Not only did I receive information pertinent to my personal and professional success, I met some of the most energetic and positive people around! Thank you Margo for making this bald headed Texas Cowboy welcome! I’m hopeful to attend and participate in future events! I loved every minute of it!”  ~Mark Hundley, Therapist


“Margo, I really enjoyed your presentation to the ABWA chapter last Tuesday, and especially liked your emphasis on the spiritual aspect of the home. As you said, the home should be an oasis for the family, not a showplace! Thanks!”  ~Catherine Kleepes


“Margo, Thanks so much for your great contribution to our 3rd annual conference. I heard excellent reviews on your class.”  ~Steve Bursten, co-founder of Decorating Den Interiors, and CEO of ExcitingWindows!


“Clearly Margo has done this before because all the promo blurbs and anything else we needed were provided well ahead of time as was everything else we needed. Margo made becoming a best-selling author a piece of cake! I highly recommend working with her! “ ~Barbara Drohan Dooley, www.Soulremembrance.com


Margo sure knows how to put on a great event!  Every detail was spectacular…from the room decorations to the speakers to the wonderful friends/connections made…all worth it!  I can’t wait for the next one!”  ~Pam Russell, CEO of Sales Transformation and Proforma Specialty Marketing


“I am a demanding client. I knew whomever I worked with would have to be flexible to work with me. I have the highest possible satisfaction, with my book and overall experience with Margo DeGange and her staff.  Please contact me with your questions and inquiries.” ~Tim Carter, BestSelling Author of Positive x Positive = Unlimited, http://www.TimothyGrantCarter.com


“I have been a part of a variety of mastermind groups, but what sets Margo’s Brilliance group apart from the rest is Margo’s unbelievable willingness to share and teach the various things that have made her successful.  She is a wealth of information and is extremely practical.  Not to mention, caring.  I feel so blessed to have been a part of her mastermind.  The results are amazing. For the first time in my 4 years in business, I truly feel like I have a mentor who is showing me HOW to do it.  She doesn’t just give pieces of the puzzle.  She shares it all.  I now have a clear strategy and plan 1 year of business, I have clear marketing materials, and direction.  If you are considering joining, DO IT!! She really cares and wants you to succeed.” ~ Ann Jenrette-Thomas, Esq., CPCC


“The Women of Splendor event far exceeded my expectations. Margo and her team created a safe environment that was absolutely gorgeous, inspiring, motivating and enriching. I loved being surrounded by driven women that are committed to service and success in God’s way – we received so much valuable information, powerful tools, and beautiful gifts, all without being sold to. An impressive first-class, 5-star event among supportive, like-minded women is a treat and a must-attend for any serious woman entrepreneur who values heart-to-heart connections and enjoys self-improvement. The Women of Splendor Community is truly an answer to a prayer.”   ~Elayna Fernandez, The Positive MOM, www.ThePositiveMOM.com


Margo’s SHIFT seminar was definitely the highlight of the Business of Design conference for me!  I’m taking some time off to reorganize & recreate my business so I know these will be helpful tools. Thank you again.” ~Alison Griffith, Interior Decorator, CDECA, CCSP™ Studio 48 North, www.Studio48North.ca


 To say working with Margo DeGange was a great experience is an understatement. It truly was a rewarding and valuable experience; one that I would highly recommend to anyone. She showed that she cared about me, my expertise and the content that I was going to share. She was available for questions, comments and feedback and ensured that you felt your voice was always heard. ~Kimberly Pitts UImpact, LLC www.uimpact.net


“If you are contemplating attending this conference, don’t wait any longer! It was amazing. I was so happy to meet ladies who wanted to support my endeavor and help me grow professionally. I made instant friends and learned valuable tools for my professional tool box.  Women have amazing gifts and talents; sometimes we just need validation that we CAN make our dreams a reality. Attend this conference and you won’t be sorry. Very sweet ladies with a Christian attitude. Would attend again. If you are looking for a group of inspiring women to nurture your vision, then this is the place! This conference is really indescribable. Words aren’t really enough to tell of how blessed you feel after attending. My cup is filled. I feel I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I felt very welcomed by all the attendants and hosts. I was very compelled at how open people were about sharing their faith. The journeys people have gone through to get where they are today is incredible. I have been able to bless others with the knowledge I received from this conference. There are lots of mean people in this world, so it’s nice that these ladies care about community, relationships, charities, and mentoring other women who have the entrepreneur spirit. Thanks Margo for a fun-filled renewal of my spiritual cup. Can’t wait to see to see what’s next for me.”  ~Amy Conner Rodan +Fields


“Margo’s S.H.I.F.T. workshop was one of the best learning experiences I have hadshe gave me a great deal to work with and think about. I gained so much from your workshop! Thanks again for everything.” ~Judy Sheridan, ASID, former President ASID N.Y. Metro Chapter, Author, “How To Work With An Interior Designer”


“I can’t RAVE enough about how wonderful this process has been. Margo makes the process of publishing a book easy and effective. She is brilliant at marketing strategy, and even got us to be an Amazon Best-Seller.” ~Ann Jenrette-Thomas, Esquire Coaching. EsquireCoaching.com


“Thank you so much, Margo M. DeGange. Your generous spirit washed over the day with such grace and love. Thank YOU for sharing your gifts with all of us… I was blown away with the caliber of the Women of Splendor event I attended. Not only was the event organized extremely well, I thought the working exercises fit the level of all attendees . . . truly powerful” ~Candy Barone, CEO & Founder, You Empowered Strong, LLC


Margo, Thank you so much for the great presentation materials you designed for us. We had a great turn out last Thursday for our design seminar. Over 300 invitations were sent out for an evening of Wine & Design and we had more responses than we had room for, so we’re off to a great start and I’m very excited to get more seminars put together.  Thanks again, Margo,  for the great resources.”  ~Roderick Watson, Interior Designer, Art Sample Home, Saginaw, MI


“Women of Splendor is an amazing event that changes everyone’s life who attends in such a powerful moving way!  Make sure you attend the next one and really get connected to make a difference!” ~Tonya Hofmann, Founder, Public Speaker’s Association


“Margo, Thank you so much for your constant support as a fellow Christian and mother, to me and my business. I treasure your friendship and great advice. With Love, Kelley.” ~Kelley Baird, Drapery Workroom Owner


“Dear Margo, Thank you so much for speaking to our ABWA chapter. I have heard so many good things about you and about what members learned. I think everyone has a better idea about themselves and their home. Thanks again!” ~Jen Kennendey


“Margo’s class was been fun, very educational, and inspiring. It has made me realize how much I don’t know but also made me realize how much potential I have for being successful. Margo is a great teacher and it shows because she loves and is passionate about what she does. Because she has had so many years of practical experience, her knowledge is shared with us “learners” in an easy way, that makes it so interesting that time flies quickly. Margo is generous and personable-gives more than 100% of herself to each individual person. I’ve loved every minute of our classes and have felt more excited about life and what I have to look forward to. Thank you Margo.” ~Carolyn Chase Home Stager, Texas


“The beautiful surroundings of the event inspired me. The powerful words of the speakers transformed me. The positivity of the environment renewed me. You can count on me to be back in the spring!”  ~Jan Pettigrew Wilde, independent beauty consultant, Mary Kay Cosmetics


“Last night I had an hour and a half coaching call with Margo DeGange in regards to The Certified Interior Environment Coaching program. Margo was so enlightening, not only about the questions I had about the program but about how to improve my existing business. I felt empowered by the end of the call, and on track. I look forward to speaking to her again, her wisdom on running a business and reaching your target are brilliant.”  ~Stacey Sexton- NJ Certified Interior Designer, ASID, The Budget Minded Designer
















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