Taking a little time to regroup and consider your gifts, calling, and purpose is important. Life and situations change, and we ourselves definitely don’t stay the same. Even what we feel compelled to do at one time can change—sometimes drastically during different seasons of life.
Below is a link to an interview I think you’ll enjoy. It’s a conversation between me and Sheryl Jones, “The Queen of Hearts” on her radio show “Love of Heart Movement” four years ago. At that time I was married and I had no idea of the gigantic hurdles that were immediately ahead for me. But listening to the interview again, I still feel the same about everything I shared with Sheryl on that show.
If you struggle sometimes to find your way or to know your calling (aside from your calling to love God first), listen through the link below. It may help you tap into what you should be doing right now in your life (which again, often changes with new seasons).
I believe that first and foremost we are called to serve God, and secondarily to love people. But then we do have something or some things God wants us to do. I hope this short 30-minute audio helps you understand what that might be for you.
Image Credit: dreamstimefree_1112600
Time for Purpose: An Audio Interview