Here’s a Fun TWO THINGS ACTIVITY CHALLENGE so we can focus on the positive and get it done!
Looks like we will be sheltering-in-place probably for the next week or two in the Brazos Valley. I’m sure other communities are doing the same. It’s just precautionary, so please don’t be afraid. Wash your hands as you usually would during the flu season and be cautious, but know that God is always in control and we can look to Him and should look to Him every single day. He loves us.
With that stated, I have a challenge for you. During this time, choose TWO THINGS you will work on or accomplish. These may be tasks that have been on your mind for months, that you’ve been putting off. Or they could be things directly related to what you are called to do. Either way, they have been pressing on your mind. It’s time to get them done!
Will you organize your files, finish some paperwork, or try new recipes?
Will you get back to work on a previous goal?
If you’re a singer, will you be writing songs or doing some vocals that you’ve been putting off?
If you’re an author, will you be writing some of your articles or part of your book?
How about that garage or closet that needs to be organized,
or that space you’ve been dreaming about redesigning, thinning out, or removing the clutter from.
Small or large, it doesn’t matter, let’s tackle those things once and for all!
This is a great time to do these things. Let’s not waste this opportunity. Let’s get it done!
So think about what your TWO THINGS will be. 
I realize that even though many of us are home for a while, there’s still plenty to do around the house. I personally don’t have small children anymore, but I find myself very busy with basic chores and housekeeping. Kids and grand kids at home amplified that. So I know you don’t necessarily have tons of time even though you’re home.
However, I do think we have a little more time right now than we normally do (and likely others are at home to help), so this is the opportunity to carve some of it out to take at least some small steps towards our goals, our desires, and the things that matter to us most.
Let’s face it: it will never be an ideal time to work on our goals or to accomplish the things God has put in our hearts. It will never be the ideal time to draw or paint or build on that vision or work on that ministry. But where we have an extra chunk of time, we can use it towards the bigger picture.
So, simply do what you can and feel good about that. And don’t feel bad if you just can’t do much extra right now. It’s all good.
Two Things Activity Challenge