Embrace YOUR Jingle. . . All the Way!

Do you ever have ideas that come to you so naturally and effortlessly, that you ignore or diminish them later because you don’t see their significance, or because you lack confidence and second-guess them?

Do you have those beautiful moments when it’s just you and God; when  He breathes a concept or thought into your heart so purely that you own it as if it’s already part of you?

Those are the gifts in life you don’t have to work for. They are imparted unto you! They are YOURS.

These are the “things” that you have a desire to implement, and can usually do so with ease (as God reveals the steps and provides the resources, which He absolutely does when you are on point).

confidence-reuseTherefore, don’t be afraid to do and be what’s in your heart.

I have come to understand so clearly that when you “hear” those things that come to you deep within–the ones that fully ring true–you can be confident to own them and to do them.

I spent so many years being “in the know,” being in popular business groups, and being involved with mastermind groups and with group coaching. The funny thing is, I was a lifestyle design consultant long before many people who are “experts” today were even out of high school or college (for those who went to college). Yet there was a part of me that hung out for someone else’s expertise or opinion…the one that would say I could “go ahead” with it.

Sure, I successfully implemented plenty of my own things, like you probably have too. But it’s the BIG things, the IMPORTANT things, the GIANT things, the MY CALLING things, or the REALLY AUTHENTIC things we tend to look to others for approval around, to give us a bit more confidence. If it’s out there in “expert” circles, then we can own it. If they are doing it (at least one of them), then we can. If they don’t think it’s odd, then we won’t.

Looking back, I should have just listened sooner to God, who had already gently and sweetly given me the powerful charge.

For YEARS I knew what my calling was, but I questioned the implementation of it so many times. I even told myself again and again, “I’m just not clear. I just don’t know for sure.” That was a lie.

I did know. But, it was sort of radical, and I liked being “normal.”

When I finally said, “I don’t care. I HAVE to be who I am even if I lose some friends and lose the respect of certain important people,” things changed; the gates swung open wide.

What about it? Have you become stunted, or have you been missing out on the joy of being true?  It’s not too late to be YOU now, and it’s definitely not too late to move on what you know you deeply feel to do. God has a tremendous assignment for you.

God is well able to speak to us. You can probably share from your own life the many times something was strongly on your heart, but you reasoned it away or brushed it off because it went against the mainstream business advice and life-design protocol.

In my own life, I have learned the value of moving on those things God placed within me, without apology and without fear. If that thing is good, lovely, and burning in your spirit, grab it with confidence and run with it.

You will find it so liberating to do what rings true for you, and to run your life, business, career, or ministry based on what you know has been gifted to you. God speaks in a still small voice, but not a silent voice. You CAN hear Him. Just shut out all the other “noises” that show up in forms like “What will others think of me,” “No one else does that,” “I’ll shrink my following down to nothing,” “I’ll be seen as weak,” or, “If I do that I won’t fit in.”

Be OKAY with that! Even those who “fit in” don’t really fit in. Another thing I have definitely learned and know for a fact is that most things are not as they seem, and most people’s lives (particularly the “showy” lives) are not what they appear. I’ve seen this in every area of my life and business over many years: in the design industry, in marketing, in coaching, in Christian circles, with people who seem “rich,” with people who seem “poor.” I’ve learned the “well-off” aren’t always that, and sometimes they just can’t make the payment on the things everyone thinks they already own!

The exhilarating truth is that God called you to a walk that is uniquely all yours, and perfectly fitted to who you are deep down in your heart of hearts. The second we embrace the courage to trust that and to welcome it, we begin to bloom and develop. When we begin to boldly walk it out and celebrate it, we thrive. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Today, your word is LIVE! Live the life God has called YOU to. It may look different from mine. It may involve some quirky thing. It may seem childlike, simple, or whimsically silly. Or, it may be highly intellectual and serious. The important factor is that it rings with a jingle that’s not an imitation; that jingle should come from YOUR custom set of bells! Don’t Be Afraid to Embrace YOUR Jingle. . . All the Way!

YOUR Jingle. . . All the Way!